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August 26th, 2010
Danfoss to close Buda plant, outsource 120 jobs to Mexico


One of Buda’s largest manufacturing employers is shutting its doors and outsourcing 120 jobs to Mexico, company officials announced Wednesday.

Danfoss Chatleff LLC, which builds cooling and heating components, will close its Goforth Road plant by the end of 2010.

“This was a necessary decision,” said Søren Eskildsen, Danfoss Automatic Controls’ senior vice president. “In order to improve our competitive position, and ensure a long-term profitable business, we have to consolidate distributer production into our Mexico operation.”

The 35,000 square foot Buda plant was constructed in 1986 by the owners of Chatleff Controls. In 2007, the Danish company Danfoss bought out the operation.

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4 thoughts on “Danfoss to close Buda plant, outsource 120 jobs to Mexico

  1. I guess we dont need immigration control to keep illegals working at this plant. Buisness is doing the logical thing, moving to where labor is cheaper. While we are so worried about sealing our borders business is voting with its feet and heading to Mexico, China and points else where.

  2. Yes, it is sad but is nothing new. Americans who want blue collar jobs are in trouble and it’s going to get a lot worse for today’s teens. High school dropouts will have no chance at all. And no, Obama did not have any part in creating this problem. But the rich in America are getting richer.

  3. If only we can keep prices down on basic necessities, the blue collar worker can survive on lower wages. If we allow them greater access to healthcare through a “Doctors inside our borders” type charity, as “Doctors without borders” do in foreign lands, plus areas close to their jobs where they can live without sky rocket rents, or mortgages, then we might help our fellow ‘poor’ Americans, and all Americans, because a house (country) that is well kept is indeed a great house to be respected!

    This will have to take a great, concerted effort on everyone’s behalf. If a doctor helps one of the poor charitably, they will have to appreciate it, and not want to sue them, if something unintended goes wrong. Health insurances are so expensive because of lawsuits. We are, unfortunately, a country of too many lawsuits, that is some of the reason why doctors are doing great things in other countries, instead of helping many of the poor, here.

    We are also a country of too much competition in the wrong places. This keeping up with the Jones’s should be a thing of the past, as we rebuild ourselves on good, honest work. Media will have to contribute by not programming US with all the rich hype. They have to be more aware of the laws of basic psychology and practice them accordingly in their shows. Not all shows, but a good, healthy dose of reality is always a good thing, and I don’t mean what is being termed reality in today’s programming.

    When we are back on our feet, we can go back to our ways, though wiser, hopefully? Definitely with a better understanding of our economy and how we are integrated, as it works.

  4. I’m certainly no thinker/writer like Thomas Friedman, but from what I see we’re going in the wrong direction at an increasing rate of speed – unless you’re one of the rich who is getting a lot richer. I just don’t see anything out there that will turn things around – at least not until things have become horribly worse.

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