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August 25th, 2010
Newman in, McCarthy out as filing ends for three city races


Former San Marcos mayoral candidate filed Tuesday to run for the San Marcos City Council against incumbent Councilmember Kim Porterfield and Texas State student Griffin Spell. Newman is shown here at a debate during the 2008 mayoral race. File photo.


The final moments of filing for most of the November city council races in San Marcos expired Tuesday with two developments. One mayoral candidate in 2008, David Newman, is in the mix, while another candidate from that same race, Daniel McCarthy, is not.

Newman filed to run against Councilmember Kim Porterfield, who is seeking her second term. Texas State student Griffin Spell filed earlier this month for that race, creating the only three-way contest on the November ballot.

McCarthy had announced he would make it a threesome in the mayoral race after Councilmember John Thomaides and former Councilmember Daniel Guerrero had filed. However, the deadline passed Tuesday without McCarthy filing.

Newman finished second in the 2008 mayoral race behind Mayor Susan Narvaiz, who took 50.1 percent of the vote and averted a run-off against Newman by eight votes. Newman received 30.1 percent of that vote and McCarthy received 19.8 percent.

The filing deadline for candidacy to fill the last two years of Thomaides’ unexpired city council term will be Aug. 30. Thus far, only former San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) Officer Rodney van Oudekerke and local businessman Shane Scott have filed for that position.

The window closed on the filings for the seat being vacated by Councilmember Gaylord Bose without any new action, meaning that race is between Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jude Prather city Ethics Commissioner Toby Hooper.

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10 thoughts on “Newman in, McCarthy out as filing ends for three city races

  1. Your staff is really dragging out Daniel McCarthy’s fictional run for mayor. When did he supposedly “announce he would make it a threesome”? By posting comments on Newstreamz, live from a friend’s couch? He never formally announced, never filed for candidacy and was thus never a candidate, and doesn’t fit the criteria for eligibility to begin with. Surely there are more newsworthy topics to cover in San Marcos. At least coverage should be given to the actual candidates who followed the rules and met deadlines.

  2. A great election isn’t speckled with so many “very good friends of Susan.” I guess San Marcos will just make do with what we have to work with.

  3. Another news source is reporting that Griffin Spell withdrew from the race earlier today, leaving it to be Newman V. Porterfield for Place 1.

  4. Hello and Thank You for Your Vital Interest in Our City:

    My name is Dave Newman and I am running for San Marcos City Council; Place 1, in the November 2nd, 2010 election.

    Although I am originally from Houston, I have lived in San Marcos for over 20 years, and my involvement with our city extends back to the 1960s and 1970s.

    I was a student here at SWTSU in the late ‘70s, however circumstances required that I finish my degree at the University of Houston, and I received a BS in Physics in 1982.

    I am an Alum of Zeta Delta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity here at Texas State University.

    I joined the US Air Force right out of college and was accepted into USAF Pilot Training. After successfully completing OTS and graduating UPT, I was assigned to Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX where I piloted C-130s for the duration of my time in the Air Force.

    Following my Air Force service, I flew in commercial aviation for the next 20 years.

    Some of my flying jobs included:

    Famine relief into Sudan and later into Somalia in the years prior to the US involvement there.

    Two years at Berry Aviation here at the San Marcos airport, delivering top secret government documents around the US and also transporting overnight freight across the country and down into Mexico for UPS.

    Piloting a DC-8 for BAX Global in worldwide, all-weather operations.

    Piloting a Boeing 767 for the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia, to OPEC meetings worldwide, and also transport for Prince Saud Al-Faisal, the Saudi Foreign Minister, to diplomatic meetings worldwide.

    This last flying position, I held for 10 years, until my early retirement and break from flying; a decision made in order to allow the pursuit of my current Internet Television business venture here in San Marcos, which I elected to undertake full-time, three years ago.

    I have been a business owner and operator here in San Marcos, since 1995.

    I also have held a Building Contractor’s License with the City of San Marcos since 1987.

    I have served on the Board of the San Marcos River Foundation, was a charter member of the Greenbelt Alliance, serve currently on the Main Street Advisory Board, and have been active in many programs, issues and campaigns here in the City of San Marcos over the past 20 or more years that served the purpose of improving our overall quality of life here in our beautiful Texas Hill Country paradise.

    In the November 2008 election also, I was also a candidate for Mayor of San Marcos, which was a decision prompted not out of desire, but rather out of necessity, as well as a sense of duty to our community and the people and City of San Marcos.

    Although I did not win that election, I took a degree of encouragement as did many others in our city, that virtually all of the issues that I had the opportunity to bring forth for discussion, gained traction and momentum both during and after the November 2008 election.

    These very same issues were, and are here and now instrumental, toward motivating the voting public toward an inevitable shift in San Marcos political perspective and policy, which I believe that we are on the verge of realizing very soon at City Hall.

    The issues both then and now include:

    Fiscal and financial governmental accountability and spending within reasonable and responsible parameters

    A policy and practice of open government, disclosure and transparency

    The chronic and critical need for professional career growth and opportunity as well as continued job creation in San Marcos

    Management of sensible, sustainable, long term, solid physical and economic
    growth for the immediate present and on into our positive future

    Environmental and water quality concerns: protection and preservation of the San Marcos River and our water supply in the Edwards Aquifer

    Transportation and traffic concerns, which are increasing each year as we continue our inevitable growth as a city

    Preserving the unique character of our city with emphasis on the influence and integrity of our neighborhoods and the preservation and beautification of our downtown districts

    Limits to taxes and utility rates rather than the reverse trend of higher taxes and increasing utility rates with accompanying reductions in services

    Make it the exception rather than a standard policy for the expectation of taxpayer funded subsidies and financial handouts for private special interest groups

    Maintain and develop more available parking, bike lanes, green space, parkland, and seek to implement supportive quality of life features all around our city for the citizens of San Marcos

    Maintain prime focus of the obligation of loyalty and fiduciary duty by our city government and elected officials to the voters and the taxpayers of the City of San Marcos. Set into practice a philosophy to adhere to the proper negotiation and implementation of our tax dollars, with a firm acknowledgement of the binding contract of trust and responsibility to those same voters and taxpayers.

    Many of our citizens feel as though we have not seen a proper relationship between our city government and the voters and the people of San Marcos for some time now.

    I intend to change this, and make OUR city government responsive and accountable to the voters, who ultimately have the final word.

    I ask for your vital assistance in correcting what is currently broken in our city government, as well as reinforcing those many attributes that add to our love of this city, and make San Marcos a truly great place to live, to work, and to prosper.

    I respectfully ask for your confidence and for your vote this November 2nd.

    Your active involvement, as well as your part in our immediate future is crucial.

    Thank you.


    David M. Newman
    Candidate for Place 1; San Marcos City Council
    davenewmansanmarcos . org

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