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August 21st, 2010
Letter: Paso Robles environmental issues ‘have all been addressed’


Pasa Robles is a great project and a true win for San Marcos. Any way you look at it, this is a home run. Here are six logical reasons that everyone should consider.

  • The environmental issues have all been addressed, exceeded protective requirements, exceeded town requirements, and met with approval from the local, state, and federal authorities who have the public mandate—and resources– to protect the best interests of the entire public.
  • This project will provide literally millions of dollars of revenue for San Marcos. This means a shared tax base which will alleviate homeowners from paying the full freight of increased taxes. NO GROWTH= HIGHER TAXES + FEWER JOBS. Think about that.
  • This project will provide many local jobs, both in construction and ongoing maintenance .
  • More local jobs will allow more families to have a better quality of life.
  • This project will provide high-quality housing which will help attract the types of businesses we all desire here in San Marcos.
  • There will be parks and golf for both residents and non-residents.

It is time for ALL citizens of San Marcos to come together and put the best interests of our town first. Pasa Robles represents a step into the future that both protects the environment and also provides an economic boon that our town sorely needs. Beyond this, approving this project will send a positive message to Texas that San Marcos welcomes growth.

San Marcos

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3 thoughts on “Letter: Paso Robles environmental issues ‘have all been addressed’

  1. I disagree. The environmental points have been addressed but not resolved. I will never be convinced that building and maintaining a golf course on a recharge zone is protecting the interests of the entire public. I don’t believe Carma has agreed to ‘lined’ the course to prevent chemicals (fertilizer, weed killer, pharmaceuticals etc.) seeping into the aquifer. I also don’t for one minute believe that asking for over 1,000,000 gallons of water a day allowance to water a playground is in the best interest of the public. I also don’t believe in corporate welfare or interfering w/the free market. I don’t think our town needs to be the middle man in acquiring the $20,000,000 loan. Let Carma go directly to the bank.

    Please be more specific about the “literally millions of dollars in revenue” this development will provide.

    Maintenance and construction jobs will increase. Fine. What about jobs that provide more than minimum wage salaries for majority of employees?

    More local (minimum wage) jobs will provide a better life for some families. But it’s still poverty level and a tough life.

    Yes, it will provide higher end homes for retired people. So be it.

    Provide parks and golf courses for public. Carma is pulling a sterile golf course out of it’s hat and you see public organic parkland? That’s sad.

    I’m actually OK with growth and capitalism (with regulation). However, Carma bought property that is beautiful piece of property. The beauty exists because it is environmentally fragile. A libertarian would say, “The developer will not destroy the beauty because then it destroys the resources that allow his business to exist.” Sadly, this isn’t so…

  2. This looks like a pseudonym and shoddy writing – it’s a copy/paste from the other website’s letter. Is this the sort of great mind that’s planning the development?

  3. Good points Weaver. A libertarian would also not be looking for government assurance on the loan. Someone needs to take a bath. We San Marcians, well, most of us have already been to the river today.

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