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August 17th, 2010
LBJ Museum extends exhibit after successful '60s night


Due to the success of “’60s Night” at the LBJ Museum of San Marcos earlier this month, the 1960’s exhibit has been extended through Sept. 4. The exhibit includes memorabilia from the era, including promotional posters, advertisements record album covers and artifacts, some of which were culled from personal collections.

The museum is open free of charge to the public Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Donations are accepted.

According to museum’s board president Pat Murdoch, the second annual ’60s night fundraiser attracted a larger and more enthusiastic crowd than the first one held last year, even though this year’s event had the unexpected twist of a power outage.

“I don’t know just exactly how long the power was out, but the crowd reacted to the outage remarkably well, ” said Murdoch. “They stayed. It came right in the middle of a tone-setting reading by Nick Hoover. Whether he had totally memorized the reading or whether he had a flashlight, I don’t know, but he kept on going.”

Even the evening’s first musicians, HalleyAnna Finlay, her brother Sterling Finlay and his wife Stephanie performed in the darkened museum.

The trivia contests were conducted by Texas State political science professor Ed Mihalkanin andmuseum operations manager Bill Cunningham who was resplendent in his Hunter S. Thompson gonzo journalist regalia. Participants were encouraged to dress for the era.

A two-part fashion show, organized by Texas State fashion merchandising major Hilary Baker,  was also featured, one part having been interrupted by the power outage. The second part continued with the power restored and included a musical set performed by Cheryl Murdock, accompanied by Michael Jackson.

Prizes were given to the guests picked as best dressed for the era. The judges’ decision was a three-way tie between Nevin Cunningham, Rafael Garcia and Jon Leonard.

Cunningham’s Audrey Hepburn-like attire was beguiling, and Garcia’s Hugh Hefner garb was noteworthy but in the end the prize went to Leonard’s “hippy” outfit. The retired postal worker stayed in “hippy” character throughout the event.

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0 thoughts on “LBJ Museum extends exhibit after successful '60s night

  1. 1. Thanks for the “respledent” description of me. I’ve had many adjectives applied to me but that’s a new one.

    We are currently soliciting suggestions on our “LBJ Museum of San Marcos” Facebook book to make next year’s event even more fun on our renovated second floor. It is an open page so please look it up and add any suggestions you might have short of adding Alice B. Toklas’ secret ingredient to the brownies,

  2. When viewing Sixties exhibit, take special note of two items from local contrubutors,

    In the Sixties advertising exhibit the ads were designed by a real life “Madman”–the father of Chris North.
    Chris contributed the ads and the one for American Airlines features a smiling blonde type who she informs me was her.

    Also, Sgt. Jeff Jameson of TSU-SM police department loaned a cartoon caricature bust of LBJ as depicted by editorial cartoonists of the time. The bust was crafted by Jeff as a junior high school student in Houston. His teacher offered him $50 for it it (Big money then) but he wisely declined. The bust is exhibited in back with books on LBJ on in large locked display case,

  3. I am forgot to mention the contribitions of Lisa Marie coppoletta and Daniel Scales in tie-dying a few of our plain LBJ museum T-shirts foor silent auction. Highly cool!You can purchase plain souvenir t-shirt from us and try to convince them to tie dye for you. “Psychedelic Lytndon” is really nifty.

    Also thanks to Danie, for proving insecurity for the event.

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