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August 6th, 2010
Texas State partners with Caminitos


A grant recently obtained by Texas State from the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation insures the launching of a program to be called, “Caminitos: Pathways to School Success for Children and Families.”

Caminitos (which means little road or pathway)  is a partnership of Hernandez Early Childhood Center, the College of Applied Arts and the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at Texas State. The goal is to facilitate a student’s academic success with the collaboration of school, family and the university to enhance the child’s school readiness in math, literacy and social skills.

The Caminitos program will seek to create pathways to success for students by providing families with the knowledge and skills needed to participate in their children’s early education. The effort will address the child’s home as well as the school environment. Caminitos also will prepare current and future college students to facilitate family involvement in the schools.

Texas State faculty members Elizabeth Blunk, Sue Williams, Elizabeth Russell Morgan, Nancy Chavkin and Jaime Chahin will participate in the project.

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