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August 5th, 2010
Hays CISD has leveling ceremony for new schools


The Masons conducted the leveling ceremony for Pfluger Elementary School and Carpenter Hill Elementary School, the two new schools in Hays CISD.


More than 100 students, teachers, Masons and elected officials gathered together on July 31 to celebrate the opening of two new Hays CISD elementary schools with a symbolic “leveling” ceremony.  Ralph Pfluger Elementary School and Carpenter Hill Elementary School are slated to open in August.

Masons from Kyle, Buda and other chapters in Central Texas performed the symbolic ceremony, which ensures with a square, a level and a plumb line that the craftsman and builders have done their duties.

“This is an expression of the true cohesion and togetherness of our community and our school district,” said Hays CISD Superintendent Jeremy Lyon. “We are grateful to have the community support and that you join us in this ceremony. What a beautiful and meaningful way for these buildings to begin as schools.”

State Representative Patrick Rose (D-San Marcos) presented Robin Kelly, principal of Pfluger Elementary, and Jodie Wymore, principal of Carpenter Hill Elementary, with Texas flags and U.S. flags that were flown over their respective capitols.

Ralph Pfluger, 80, was present with his wife Lois at the opening of the school named after him. Before stepping down recently at the expiration of his term as a Hays CISD Trustee, Pfluger was the oldest school trustee in Texas. Most recently, Pfluger served as a Hays CISD trustee from May 2004 to May 2010. Before then, Pfluger was a trustee for the defunct Buda CISD and he was a founding Hays CISD trustee in 1968. Pfluger has been a strong advocate of the district’s mentoring program and has been a volunteer with the at-risk students at Tom Green Elementary School.

“This is only the beginning of creating a wonderful legacy for our students and their families,” said Kelley at the leveling.

Members of the Carpenter family were introduced at the ceremony by Wymore.

The “leveling” ceremony has been performed by Masons for centuries. George Washington, during his presidency in 1793, acted as Grand Master of Masons in Maryland in the leveling ceremony for the cornerstone of the nation’s Capitol building.


Section of a print showing George Washington conducting the leveling ceremony for the cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol building in 1793.

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