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July 27th, 2010
Prather announces run for city council


San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commissioner and city council candidate Jude Prather. File photo.


Former San Marcos city council candidate Jude Prather announced Monday that he will try again for Gaylord Bose’s seat on the council. This time, Bose isn’t running.

Prather finished three votes behind Bose in a hotly contested 2007 election.

Prather announced another run for council in March 2009, but dropped out two months later, saying his military deployment in Iraq wouldn’t expire in time for him to make a serious run. Prather served in the 100th Battalion 442nd Infantry in Iraq.

No other council candidate has officially announced an intention to run for the seat being vacated by Bose, who has said he will not seek re-election.

Since returning to San Marcos in 2009, Prather has been active as an advocate for veterans’ causes. Last November, he was named to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z).

“As a planning and zoning board commissioner, many of the hard decisions and seriousness of this position are learned,” Prather said. ” … My commitment to serve our town has grown over the last three years. With my service in the war and now the planning and zoning board, I have become a stronger and more knowledgeable public servant; attributes that could serve San Marcos well.”

In his announcement of his candidacy, Prather continued, “I want to be your public servant because I want to be a good steward of our tax dollars. We must have policies that allow the creation of jobs and bring business. It is time we strengthen our neighborhoods and focus on infrastructure improvements that allow technology to flourish, increase efficiency and promote the use of bike and transit. Waste water and storm drainage capital improvement projects need to have high priority in the San Marcos south side. Embracing technology that updates our electric grid also needs to have a high priority. Using technology to increase transparency in our city government can improve openness in government, but ending the use of executive session is an open government we should strive to be.”

Prather added that he wants to calm “town and gown” issues between the city and Texas State, give public safety departments the tools they need, and protect the city’s water resources, particularly the San Marcos River and the Edwards Aquifer.

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0 thoughts on “Prather announces run for city council

  1. By George, sounds like he’s got it! But a candidacy framed on patriotism, sacrifice and valor. I hope not. Think Mayberry on energy boosters, Jude. With a bunch of smart people. There lies the challenge and the honor.

    Thank you for volunteering–both times.

  2. After having the opportunity to speak to Mr. Prather on several occasions and learning his views, I will be all too proud to offer him my support and wish him the best of luck. He has proven all too often his willingness to serve others selflessly.

  3. Jude;

    I am concerned with your voting record on the Buie tract.

    What do you have to say to that, and why?

    Also of a fairly major concern, is your general voting record during your time on P & Z.

    Help us out here.

  4. I’d like to be more frank than Mr. Franklin. How are we to believe it’s anything other than a bold-faced lie for you to say you want to protect the Aquifer after you blindly and thoughtlessly approved a zoning change that would allow caves and other important recharge features to be bulldozed over to build a several-hundred-unit apartment complex by some shifty out-of-town developers RIGHT ON TOP OF THE AQUIFER RECHARGE ZONE? How foolish do we need to be to believe you want to strengthen neighborhoods when, in defiance of the Horizons Master Plan, you approved that huge apartment complex to be nestled in the middle of several peaceful, family neighborhoods just because some shifty, sweet-talking Austinites knew they stood to make more money from the deal if they were able to work around our master plan, rather than with it?

    Pardon me if I sound angry, but one of those neighborhoods is mine, and I remain very angry.

    Speaking of protecting the Aquifer, how do you plan to vote on the Windemere deal tonight?

  5. There must be a “goals” card that they hand out to candidates when they file for public office in San Marcos. Every one of them lists the same goals…blah blah “town and gown” blah blah “public safety” blah blah “protect the river and aquifer”. Prather just forgot to list “managed economic growth” to the list.

    Funny how none of our elected officials ever seem to achieve any of those goals, though……

  6. I always remembered Jude being very friendly, compassionate, and approachable. He will be getting my family’s vote.

  7. A few weeks ago I saw Jude picking up and bagging some nasty trash next to the river because the trash cans where overflowing. I thought that is the kind of person we need on council, a just take the initiative and get it done kind of attitude. Glad to hear he is running for council and home safe!

  8. I agree with Dano. Enough with the softball “goals.” Let’s see what ideas you really have. I want to hear specific ideas that show you’ve given the “goals” more thought than just creating a sound bite. What are your ideas to promote job creation and retention? What efforts do you think will encourage higher-paying jobs? How will you balance inevitable growth (economic and population) with the need to preserve sensitive environmental features, community culture and other community priorities? What specific efforts to you propose to address alternative transportation, bicycle use and pedestrian mobility? How can you help San Marcos reach an improved level of fiscal sustainability (remember, you have access to the city budget at the library)?

    You won’t find a soul that will say they are against any of the things every candidate has said they support thus far. Saying that you support things that no sane person would take an opposing position to is lazy. This isn’t just Jude (who I like very much)–that goes for all of the candidates. I know they are just getting started, but I want to send a clear message that this campaign must be more than restating “goals” and personal attacks if this city expects to get anywhere.

  9. Well then, perhaps those candidates who are currently running for office, aren’t finding the time to read the news publications these last several days,

    thus explaining their silence.

  10. Mr. Prather just voted with the other rednecks on P&Z to approve a land use amendment and zoning change from single family to multi-family on Chestnut Street.
    Staff recommended denial of the request (for a refreshing change) because there is not waste water capacity in place and because the request does not conform with the master plan. If he is voting with Seebeck and Couch, he cannot be allowed to serve on Council. One commissioner actually asked the developer if it would be bad for him if they denied his request per staff recs. one commissioner said,”Well, I’m going to need one of you from the development community to make the motion on this one, because I don’t understand.” omg.
    The number of ethics violations in the last 30 minutes are astounding. Still waiting for the Windemere thing…

  11. Mr. Prather just voted with the other rednecks on P&Z to approve a land use amendment and zoning change from single family to multi-family on Chestnut Street.
    Staff recommended denial of the request (for a refreshing change) because there is not waste water capacity in place and because the request does not conform with the master plan. If he is voting with Seebeck and Couch, he cannot be allowed to serve on Council. One commissioner actually asked the developer if it would be bad for him if they denied his request per staff recs. one commissioner said,”Well, I’m going to need one of you from the development community to make the motion on this one, because I don’t understand.” omg.
    The number of ethics violations in the last 30 minutes are astounding.
    Thanks to Bishop and Stark for voting “no” on the motion.
    Still waiting for the Windemere thing…

  12. Whoops! Sounds as if Mr. Prather, the brave, kind, willing, compassionate, ambitious, and above all, neat, is being pressed to answer in public the basis for some actual votes (that pesky ACTION thing again) the “not-all-that, but impassioned community and neighbor-serving critics” are concerned about. I think they want an explanation of WHY such a fine fellow would join other fine fellows on the P&Z in squandering some of our best and oldest COMMUNITY resources. Surely there is a kind, direct, clear, consoling explanation not cloaked in BS and wool-gathering?

    Given all those outstanding qualities, he sounds to me like a really good Boy Scout. My personal concern, now deeply agitated, is how he might GOVERN. Like for everybody, not just the friendlies. Does anybody else in the public/voting class worry about that? The Windermere “pre-development ‘deal’ is and will remain on my personal hit list. The Buie monstrosity is already in the books–unless it, like the Springtown fiesta, unravels under its own rotten, dead weight.

    Lets hear it for Sink Springs, sensible green space, and our heart and soul, the sacred River (that we also drink from and play in)! Maybe that kind of thing doesn’t resonate much for our guest ambassadors in the Middle East, but it does here. As British Petroleum (historically the British-Persian then British-Iranian Oil Company) is learning, you can’t build pure self-serving crap indefinitely and then just look the other way or “build around it.” Poop still runs downhill and stays until it is cleaned up.

    Once more, if necessary, look at Goal One of the San Marcos Horizons Master Plan: saving that little river for a sustainable future. It’s also enshrined in Federal Law, in the verdict “GBRA, Sierra Club, et al v. City of San Antono, et al” (1993?). How quickly they forget.

  13. “ONE of you from ‘the development COMMUNITY”? Says in a nutshell what takes a million words. Surely not all of them subscribe to “take the money and run….” I actually know some very fine ones, who should be insulted by seeming to be included. And the better they are, the more money they make. People actually like to help ’em. Theirs is necessary work, and we really SHOULD be thankful for them, as their speakers all say. They are here to serve us, not to service us.

    Let’s see now, new really weird and extraordinary road system, new sewer extension, annexation, most all paid for by me and you as “incentives”…. They do have water, though, and a whole lot of it. Just not the pipes. So let’s add W/WW facilities with lift stations and system interconnects to our “Shopping Cart.” Did I ever mention that high-dollar, low-density development NEVER pays itself off via property tax?

    ****What do all the OTHER wannabes think, long as we’re asking? This one is just one example of a project that puts the COMMUNITY “all in,” as the gambler class says. I’m going to hold my breath until each candidate tells us.

  14. San Marcos is getting a Good Man in Jude Prather. Jude is One very smart young man! Better not lose this very talented and diligent young veteran, he is educated, well versed and knows his stuff and very loyal to the San Marcos and Hays County area. This kid is going places, I wouldn’t be surprised seeing him as our future Congressman or Senator, even higher. This kid has everything, better get behind him, if you want all the right things for our Community Good Luck, Jude!!

  15. Jude you have a great heart and a true and rare trait of a sincere want to help other’s. I TRULY hope the people of San Marcos realize this and do the smart thing for themselves and vote you into office. If you need any help from me you have it, just let me know. Hey man we will always have the cradle of civilization and the world of sand. In Iraq I was always happy that you were the gunner covering my six. With that said I think it says it all. San Marcos will be well served WHEN they elect you. GO FOR BROKE!!!

  16. Has anyone decided to run against this guy, or is he still unopposed? He has been quite since his announcement and offered no positions or opinions on anything other than the fluff above.

  17. Eric, when you call me “miss ethics” you should have your history straight. I was the only person in this town to put my name to an ethics complaint against Mayor Bob Habengriether for voting to dis-annex his own home. Conflict of interest?
    I’ve read the Charter, the planning manuals provided to me by the city, taken the ethics courses given by the APA, and I know how it’s supposed to go.
    I watched the meeting. It is totally unethical for a commissioner to ask a developer if he will be able to develop his land if they turn down his varience request. (will it hurt your wallet if we vote to deny per staff reccomendations?)
    That should absolutely never be a consideration.
    I don’t even remember who said it. And there were other amazing comments that night. I don’t have time to sit through the video, watch the meeting and enumerate the stuff. If I did, I would be writing a letter to the Ethics Commission and filing a formal complaint. The P&Z is broken. Anyway, I’d be happy to watch the meeting with you and we can “discuss”. Seriously, you are welcome in my home anytime.
    I am working on something else right now, and you’ll have to wait for the story when it happens. (hint: Buie tract, Paso Robles)

  18. Sounds like whatever Commissioner Chris seems pretty sure she heard ask the question comes perilously close to the Corpus Commissioner who achieved fame about 1993-4 (Can’t recall the case, but it was featured in a “Legal Issues”: Ethics session of the Texas Chapter American Planning Association State Annual Conference (yes, I was still active while on the Council, at taxpayer expense.) The lad uttered something fairly similar in the midst of a hotly-debated Agenda item, which the developer (this time) used to sue and win $3.5M from the City. A VERY casual way to serve the citizens, n’est-ce pas? And, obviously, a mortal sin against both ethics and good sense.

    Helps to have Commissioner who go to a bit of trouble and training–who goes to the Conferences and listens. Carefully. Do we still do that, or do we prefer the “cheap thrills” approach to planing nowadays? I have no idea, as I gave that stuff up several Lents ago. Somebody set the alarm clock-=-P&Z is the only Commission other than Charter review that plays with the State Law and real money.

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  20. Well, his voting record on P & Z should speak as a precursor to how he will be on council. I hope that a qualified, viable candidate files within the next week to give us a choice in Place 2. I do not doubt Mr. Prather’s eagerness to serve, as obvious by the above picture. I want someone that provides leadership and understanding to the current issues before us, not just the brevity of a press release about giving police the resources they need or protecting the aquifer. There have been recent votes that will effect this great town years after many of the people who cast the votes are gone. The SMLN threads about Buie and Paso Robles are just two recent examples. Will Mr. Prather be at the informational Meeting set for Wednesday on Paso Robles? We should expect candidates (especially ones who sit on P&Z) to be present for such meetings in order to provide clarity on positions. This could be a great place to inform your possible future constituents, especially considering you voted for this as it stands now.

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