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July 21st, 2010
Top 10 reasons to shop in San Marcos

San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce President

Here are the top ten reasons to shop locally.

1. Money spent local stays local: By shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.

2. Local businesses contribute to the community: Ninety-one percent of local business owners contribute to their community, including schools, nonprofits and community groups, by volunteering and making donations.

3. Local businesses provide jobs: Local businesses account for a large share of new jobs created each year and locally based businesses provide some of the most stable employment opportunities in a community. These employees, in turn, spend there earnings in the local economy.

4. Supporting local business supports your neighbors: Local businesses in San Marcos are generally owned by people who live locally and are part of our community.

5. Local businesses maintain San Marcos’s uniqueness: Today’s workers are choosing to settle in places that preserve their distinctive character. San Marcos has many small businesses that have been in town for years, thus contributing to the town’s special quality.

6. Small businesses offer unique choices: San Marcos-based businesses offer shoppers unique products and services. These independent shops create distinctive shopping experiences and respond more quickly to the need of local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs.

7. Receive extra attention and quality service:
Research shows that small business owners compete by focusing on customer service and quality goods. Local business employees take the time to get to know their customers.

8. Shopping local saves you money: Choosing to shop locally first saves you gas and travel time, which equates to money saved.

9. Lower environmental impact: Local businesses make more local purchases requiring less transportation and help sustain vibrant, compact business centers, which generally mean reduced sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

10. Entrepreneurship: Local entrepreneurship fosters economic innovation and prosperity. The success of locally owned, independent businesses provides real-life inspiration to our young people, proving that they can stay in San Marcos and prosper on their own terms.

It’s your choice. Shop San Marcos! In an increasingly standardized world, it is important to support what is unique and special about our community. We feel strongly that the support, retention and expansion of our local businesses will only enhance our overall economic future. By shopping locally, you are investing in San Marcos and helping to foster a climate that is more likely to attract entrepreneurs and new investment. The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce is focused on business, focused on you.

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0 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons to shop in San Marcos

  1. I propose that all incoming city council members and the mayor pledge to do all of their shopping in town. Then maybe they can see what many of us see, that San Marcos is much more than a convenient place to live.

  2. After elections are over and the confetti swept up, pledges are often taken to the curb with the rest of the trash, and if not forgotten or reneged, they cannot be enforced. Put a hat full of pledges in your pocket, then go out some FACTUAL news about what “they” the former candidates are actually DOING. You will soon enough get over the Promise Disease.

    Instead, ask them something they actually might know, if they know enough to be on any dais. Like how many people outside the affected community are being paid directly by community money, just according to the public record. Or how the budget is divided out to various streams of revenue, both “in” and “Out.” That is on a widely available pie chart a seventh grader could at least say, if not explain.

    Being well informed is the very first thing my candidates must do. The second is to have unbreakable, militant nonpartisanship. The third is knowing every issue–both sides–in and out, and be able to defend either, insofar as it is defensible. But the trump of personal qualities is, once having tried as hard as possible to do the others, showing the personal integrity to vote by conscience and explain the vote. In public. For the record. To the affected people and those who pay for sound government.

    Wouldn’t hurt greatly if the citizens would do the same, instead of just being angry about “surprises and outrages.”

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