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July 19th, 2010
Brad Rollins’ Blog: Eyes on Narvaiz as two challengers line up

City council member and mayoral candidate John Thomaides, right, greets supporter Dave Newman, a 2008 mayoral candidate, at campaign kickoff on Wednesday. PHOTO by BRAD ROLLINS


Announcing his bid for San Marcos mayor last week, city council member John Thomaides sounded a lot like someone who expects to run an outsider’s campaign against an incumbent.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 at Cafe on the Square, Thomaides highlighted his differences with Mayor Susan Narvaiz on issues that include tax incentives for the developers of the StoneCreek Crossing retail center and across-the-board raises police and firefighters won in a three-year-contract. He also nodded to the contentious rezoning of the Buie tract from low density residential to mixed use, saying he will “listen to citizens just as much as [I] do to out-of-town apartment complex developers.”

“I hear the voices of frustration,” he said.

Setting aside the question of whether a three-term council member can convincingly claim to be an outsider, Thomaides may have a more fundamental problem with an anti-incumbency strategy: It’s anyone’s guess if the incumbent is running.

Narvaiz told the San Marcos Mercury that she has, in fact, decided whether she will seek re-election but that she isn’t saying what that decision is. She said she will announce her intentions on Aug. 18, about a month from today and a little more than ten weeks out from the Nov. 2 election. Such a late start suggests that Narvaiz will not run again as does her most recent campaign finance report.

Narvaiz collected $15,750 in political contributions during the first six months of the year but spent $19,757.05 including about $6,749 in reimbursements to herself. That left the mayor with only $62.65 in the bank as of the end of June, as clear a sign as any that she does not plan to run.

Thomaides, on the other hand, raised $17,344 in the first two quarters of 2010 and spending $1,840. That left him with $18,378 on-hand.

Though a slew of potential candidate’s names ricocheted lately in the local political echo chamber, only Thomaides and 2008 candidate Daniel McCarthy have said publicly that they’re in the race. Filing for the positions, and for three council seats (including the one Thomaides will be vacating), doesn’t begin for another week.

McCarthy, who was drew more than 19 percent when he ran two years ago as a Texas State University student, is currently a sales representative for an internet service provider. He said, “Last time I ran, I was a 20 year old college junior with a stupid haircut. This time I’m a 22-year-old business man with a plan. I think I’m the most viable candidate and I believe I can win.”

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4 thoughts on “Brad Rollins’ Blog: Eyes on Narvaiz as two challengers line up

  1. I can’t believe that John T would have us believe that he now is a tight-fisted watchdog of the taxpayer interest. He has been the principal supporter of all kinds of pork for years and only in the last year started talking fiscal conservatism because it’s expedient. You want examples? How about that pedestrian bridge over the river that cost more than $800K and the tennis courts that cost more than $600K.

  2. Time was cheap, money was good. The question is not whether or not to pass the buck, but how much will we pass this year. A fiscal trend begot a political trend. Parasitic government has not yet begun to address it.

    Inconveniently for incumbents (in any office) the voters know government has been irresponsible at all levels. Back when people were thinking about good furniture and name-brands revenue was surpassing budget. Now they’re thinking about turning off their cable and just using internet. That’s enlightened. These days it would be suicide not to tout fiscal responsibility.

    Dan McCarthy

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