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April 1st, 2010
Letter to the editor: ASG needs to get serious

To the editor:

Sam Hillhouse is right.

The Texas State Associated Student Government has “woefully failed to fulfill” its obligation to “represent and serve the student body.” The most important piece of legislation passed in the past year was either to enforce a controversial dress code on ASG Senators, or symbolically ask students to support the rebuilding of Haiti. There have been sparingly few “grievance sessions” (and those held where done with little or no advertisement), and I doubt anything substantial has actually been done based on the input of students.

We just elected a candidate whose main initiative is to allow rich donors the chance to outbid each other for bragging rights by lining the Quad with engraved bricks. Forgive me, but I doubt this is the most important issue for students. The constant tuition raises, a failed drive for FBS (How much money has been spent and our football program is still nowhere near the minimum requirements?), parking woes dating back almost a decade now, and a severe shortage of dormitories. I think if you actually talked to students, these would be far more important than selling us bricks.

I have heard good things about Mel Ferrari. I hope she has the courage and intelligence to set aside her pet projects and actually make a difference. Now more than ever, we need leadership that will challenge the administration and fight for students on the issues that matter.

Griffin Spell
Political science junior
Texas State

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