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April 1st, 2010
Goodnight Dancing Stars sparkle at competition

032310GNDS1The Goodnight Middle School Dancing Stars with trophies and plaques. Photo by Valerie Schweers.


The HTEDance competition held at Akins High School in Austin found the Goodnight Middle School Dancing Stars bringing home a few trophies and a lot of pride in their accomplishments.

” I am truly proud of all the Dancing Stars,” said Dancing Stars program director Amy Wolf. ” They have worked so hard over the last couple of months, and it shows. They performed beyond any expectations. I had so many compliments throughout the day from other directors telling me they looked like a high school team. The Dancing Stars are grand champions, in my eyes.”

The Goodnight dancers garnered trophies in several categories. They were team modern and jazz champions and ranked first runner-up for their lyrical and pom routine. The officers on the team earned a trophy for officer modern championship and were first runners-up for officer jazz.

The Dancing Stars won a sweepstakes trophy for getting 86 or higher on their scores for both officer and team dances.

Plaques were awarded to the team for presentation, showmanship and choreography.

Some team members also received awards for solo and duet presentations including Katie Obst and Sarah Swan who placed first in the duet division, and Elizabeth Hayes, who placed second in the solo division. Lauren Schweers earned a second place and a fourth place ranking for categories in the solo division.

032310DUETDSDuet winners Katie Obst (left) and Sarah Swann. Photo by Valerie Schweers.

032310HAYESDSSecond Place Soloist Elizabeth Hayes. Photo by Valerie Schweers.

032310schweersLauren Schweers earned both a 2nd place and 4th place ranking in the Soloist Division. Photo by Valerie Schweers.

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