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April 1st, 2010
Updated: Barton campaign manager on leave after assault


Pct. 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton sustained a bloody lip Tuesday afternoon when his campaign manager threw a cell phone at him during an argument outside his Kyle office.

“This involves a good person who was dealing with some health issues and is now getting help,” Barton said.

A deputy constable who happened to be driving by on Front Street saw the immediate aftermath and called for backup. Five Hays County Sheriffs Office deputies and two ambulances responded to the call.

Barton described his injury as very minor and said he doesn’t think the harm was intentional; he is not pressing charges.

Kara Bishop, who was campaign manager for Barton’s successful primary challenge to County Judge Elizabeth Sumter, is on medical leave from Barton’s office where she worked as his assistant.

UPDATED 4/5/2010: Officer Zacharie Castilleja’s Kyle police department information report on the incident states:

“Officer Castilleja spoke to [Commissioner Jeff Barton] in reference to the assault. Jeff stated it was a misunderstanding and he did not want to pursue charges. Jeff stated he drove Kara to the JP2s office to meet up with her parents in order to discuss getting Kara some medical treatment at a mental health institution. Jeff stated Kara did not know that he had contacted her parents to help him. Jeff stated they were both sitting inside his vehicle when the incident occurred. Jeff stated he told Kara that her parents were on their way to help. Jeff stated Kara has been off her medication and needed mental health treatment. Jeff stated Kara had gotten upset and threw her phone and it hit him in the mouth and he began to bleed. Jeff state shed snapped out of her mode when she realized what she had done. Jeff stated a Hays County constable unit was in the area and assisted him. Jeff stated he went to the restroom to get cleaned up. Jeff stated Kara just needed treatment and that was all. Jeff was insistent with not filing any charges against Kara because he knew that she needed mental help. Jeff stated Kara and her parents agreed to take her to the San Antonio Mental Health Hospital for treatment.”

“Officer Castilleja spoke to Kara in reference to the incident. Kara stated she was upset about Jeff calling her parents to help him. Kara stated they were sitting in his vehicle at the time. Kara stated she was not thinking and just threw her cell phone. Kara stated she did not realize that the cell phone hit Jeff in the face. Kara stated she did not mean to hit him. Officer Castilleja observed Kara’s emotional and physical behavior. Officer Castilleja observed that Kara possibly needed Mental Health Evaluation. Kara’s parents were on the scene and assisted Jeff and Kara in reference to getting her evaluated. Kara stated she was willing to get help and voluntarily went with Jeff and her parents to a mental health hospital for evaluation.”

UPDATED 4/6/2010: Bishop released the following statement:

“Last Tuesday, Commissioner Barton and my family were trying to help me face some ongoing health and stress-related issues. I am embarrassed that my emotions caused me to act out, and I am sorry that I injured Jeff Barton, a good friend. Commissioner Barton, along with his wife Cyndy and their family, have been generous in their support during this difficult period in my life. During the next few weeks, my family and I ask that people continue to respect our privacy.”

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7 thoughts on “Updated: Barton campaign manager on leave after assault

  1. “A deputy constable who happened to be driving by on Front Street saw the immediate aftermath and called for backup. Five Hays County Sheriffs Office deputies and two ambulances responded to the call?”

    This is not an appropriate response to this problem and taxpayers notice this ridiculous behavior. This example, plus running huge fire trucks to EVERY fender bender, is are other examples of bad decisions being made. Time to use horse sense and do the jobs right. Wasting taxpayer money is becoming unpopular in these times.

  2. What a crock the current Barton spin is. His story took too long to materialize and it conflicts with earlier reports. Anyone with a brain can see through his contrived account to save his political hide. Barton is a disgrace as a public official and as a human being.

    I hope Bishop files a HUGE harassment suit against the County regardless of any deal that might have been forced upon her to go along with the Barton spin.

  3. It would be more appropriate for Ms. Bishop to file suit against you, MR. O’Dell. Her personal life would not have become public if not for your ranting on another website. Once again, I am certain you are proud of yourself for the fall-out on the innocent of your self-righteousness. Sweet.

    Does it feel good to be a pariah? Please don’t bother to answer. I just don’t care…

  4. Lila,

    I was wondering when the Bartonistas would show up and try to misdirect readers, and here you are.

    How do you continue to support such bad behavior by Commissioner Barton? Are you so unwilling to admit that Barton is a seriously flawed public official, or does it simply not matter to you?

    Commissioner Barton is trying to hide behind Ms Bishop’s privacy, and yet Commissioner Barton is the only one who has publicly claimed that she has a “rare disease,” and has publicly besmirched Bishop on the other San Marcos .com (Brad Rollins won’t let me post the link but it begins with news——.com).

    Commissioner Barton and his minions are just plain pitiful. You should be ashamed by your posts defending Barton, but then none of you have any shame. Just plain pitiful.

  5. Chucky – I support the truth. And in this particular case, I know what it is. You just can’t help yourself in trying to find a conspiracy behind the people you hate. I used to laugh about it. But these days, I just find it quite sad. I do pity you.

  6. So much for privacy.

    Barton now has Bishop’s contrived apology and plea for privacy posted on other sites.

    What Commissioner Jeff Barton is putting this young woman through to escape his accountability is disgusting. Using her, chewing her up and spitting her out—all for his personal and political benefit.

    Anyone who associates with Barton has no conscience.

    I didn’t believe it possible but we are witnessing a new low in Hays County politics and human indecency.

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