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March 31st, 2010
San Marcos JSA chapter has success at convention


Front row, left to right: Chelsey Falcon, Kelley Mathis, Irene Morse, Selena Selvera. Back row, left to right: Matt Salter, Keegan Taylor, Christopher Hall, John West, Logan Nicks, Jonathan Jaster.


San Marcos High School (SMHS) had ten student delegates travel to the Winter Congress Convention of the Junior State of America (JSA) held in Dallas. Each student-delegate at the convention took on the role of a Representative or Senator and was assigned to a committee to discuss, debate and vote on a list of bills submitted by students.

The convention was conceived to give students a deeper understanding of the legislative process of the U.S. government. The event included a party caucus, which afforded students the opportunity to learn more about the major parties in the system.

Matt Salter, an SMHS junior in the JSA Senate, and Logan Nicks, a SMHS junior in the House of Representatives, sponsored a bill to end the Cuban Embargo, which ended up being one of only two bills passed of the 50 submitted at the conference.

“It was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to becoming more involved in JSA next year,” said SMHS junior Keegan Taylor on the JSA Convention.

Adam Wagner and Johanna Haley, the San Marcos JSA chapter sponsors, chaperoned the trip to Dallas and will travel with the students to Houston in April for the spring convention.

The San Marcos JSA chapter also led an effort this semester partnering with the National Honor Society and the Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) to garner $800 for Red Cross efforts in Haiti.

The San Marcos JSA Chapter was founded in 2005.

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