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March 24th, 2010
Letter to the editor: Get involved locally

To the editor:

Recently, my mind has been preoccupied on the all the national political debates. As I look at both sides of the issues, I cringe, asking myself the question, “Is our political system supposed to be this way?” I know that with all of the misleading statements, it is very difficult to know who we can trust, and see how we can make a difference. Hence, this is the purpose of my letter today.

It is my belief that we can make a difference, but it starts at a local level. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on, I believe there are some basic principals that we can rely on that are commonly embraced by most patriotic Americans.

1) Get engaged in the political process. If you don’t like what you see, do something about it. For me, this meant getting engaged in local politics. I started going to city council meetings. I believe change starts at the bottom and works its way up. So if you feel powerless, then find issues locally that you have opinions on, and get involved!

2) Be value oriented, and vote based upon those values. We need to stop looking at political party as a gauge for how to vote. Rather, look at the core values that the candidate demonstrates. As a society, we are starved of honesty in the political system. It should not be about who has the most money, or what kind of favors you owe once you are elected. We need to elect men and women who don’t have any other motive other than to serve and make their community better for their children. Honesty and integrity are essential characteristics of any public servant. We may not always agree, but we can meet in the middle where the constitution and our heritage dictate our actions.

3) Lastly, educate yourself and your families. Discuss issues with your friends and have honest and constructive debate! Understanding our rich heritage, and the creation of one of the most incredible ideas ever conceived by man, our constitution, is a great place to start!

As a voter, these three criteria, political engagement, value orientation, and education are what I am looking for in a candidate. In the coming month we have the opportunity to get involved through voting in the Kyle City Council election. We have a chance to make a difference. Do we want our city leaders to be fiscally accountable? Do we want someone who puts the interests of the tax payer first? Someone who will represent us with integrity when they vote, using a basic set of core principals that are centered on the constitution? For this reason, I am proud to support Jason Welch for city council. He has educated himself in the founding principals of our great country. He understands local issues, and the role that government should play in those matters. He will not be afraid to stand up against the grain, even when the city council diverts from their core purpose. He opposes new outlandish debt that will hike local tax rates. Most importantly, he has promised to represent us with honesty. Please join me on Election Day and support Jason Welch for city council.

Take care.

Ron Sherman
Kyle resident

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2 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Get involved locally

  1. Agreed. It starts at the local level, and we can make a difference. Thank you for spreading the involvement to Kyle. I hope others continue to get involved all throughout Hays, and can also make the time to attend County Commissioners Court as well.

  2. Agreed. Thanks, Ron for your words. I hope, especially at this time when people are a bit fed up with what many of those serving in gov’t roles have been up to, that sincere candidates definitely worth time and research, get the support to represent us (really represent us, not just pretend to, then turn around and serve their own interests). I like Jason Welch for the very reasons you mentioned.

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