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March 12th, 2010
Letter to the editor: Welch asks for Kyle citizens to vote

To the editor:

In the upcoming Kyle city elections in May there is only one contested race, it is for seat one on the city council.

Why does it matter who you vote for? Just two years ago, the property tax rate here in Kyle was 27.07 cents per $100 of assessed value. Today, we are at 42 cents, a 55 percent increase, and with the current debts, along with the projects we are committed to, it will go up to 53 cents by next year. If we include the proposed rec center, it will go up to almost 60 cents. A possible 122 percent increase in taxes over a three-four year period of time.

This is a direct result of the people that have been voted into office by the few hundred citizens that voted in the city elections. I realize that city politics are generally uninteresting to people going about their daily lives. I must admit, with the exception of the last two city elections, I had been uninformed and uninterested in what was going on in the city government. After attending a few city council meetings, I began to realize how much direct influence the city government has in our daily lives, and how important it is to be involved and informed about what is going on in the city.

This is why I decided to run for city council. I encourage everybody in Kyle to get informed about the upcoming election, find the candidate you like and agree with and get out and vote. It will effect directly what your taxes are going to do over the next several years.

Jason Welch
Candidate for Kyle City Council, Place 1

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3 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Welch asks for Kyle citizens to vote

  1. Way to go! It is so very important that we become involved, instead of just complaining about what is happening. Everyone’s voice counts!

  2. How very true.

    The same can be said for San Marcos, but to a far greater and far more painful degree.

    Remember in November !

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