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February 25th, 2010
Former DA candidate maintains innocence after child sex assault indictment

Editor and Publisher

One-time District Attorney candidate Paul C. Velte IV continues to maintain his innocence as he appears headed to trial on a dozen felony charges stemming from his stepdaughter’s allegations that he sexually assaulted her, his attorney said this week.

Paul Velte

A Hays County grand jury indicted Velte this month, nearly a year after his first arrest in March 2009 on a single charge of sexual assault of a child. In October, Velte was arrested again on additional sexual, physical and mental abuse charges levied by the Texas Attorney General’s office, which is prosecuting the case. Velte’s wife, Jessica Marie Velte, 28, was arrested in October with her husband and charged with two counts of injury to a child for failing, prosecutors say, to prevent the abuse.

“Paul has always maintained his innocence… He’s an absolutely normal human being who wouldn’t have done this. He sort of got caught up in a little girl’s web of lies so she could be with her boyfriend,” said San Marcos attorney David Sergi, who represents Paul Velte.

The grand jury found enough evidence to warrant Velte’s standing trial for a dozen felonies including two counts of first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault of a child; six counts of injury to a child, one of those a first-degree felony and five of them third-degree felonies; and four counts of second-degree felony indecency with a child.

If found guilty on the most serious of the charges, Velte could be sentenced to 99 years in prison or more, depending on how the sentences are handed out.

The case is unfolding as Velte might otherwise be running for office again. In the 2006 Republican Party primary, Velte won more than 47 percent against then-First Assistant District Attorney Wes Mau, who went on to lose narrowly to District Attorney Sherri Tibbe, who has recused her office from the case.

Before his arrest last year, Velte had been planning a second bid this year against Tibbe, who instead went unopposed when no other Republicans challenged her. In a letter to supporters after his first arrest last year, Velte seemed to concede that his political career is over for the time being.

“It is, of course, impossible to mount a campaign for public office while these sorts of allegations are being made against me. This dashes my dreams to run for office where I could make a real difference in my community for the better,” Velte wrote.

San Marcos Mercury Editor and Publisher Brad Rollins writes about Hays County for the Hays Free Press where this story was originally published. It is reprinted here through a news partnership between the Free Press and the Mercury.

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9 thoughts on “Former DA candidate maintains innocence after child sex assault indictment

  1. Funny I find myself agreeing with David Sergi, but he’s right, Velte is not a creep, he has a spouse who evidently loves him as much or more than she does her own bratty daughter. This is probably what confuses the bozos at the state. This is nothing more than a juvenile attempt to lash out at responsible step-parenting.

  2. Why don’t we let a jury and the court decide. I don’t think the court of public opinion matters that much at this point.

  3. I think we in Hays County should take a serious look at out local CPS. Above all we should make sure the the prosecuting attorneys are following the rules of evidence and not withholding evidence from the defense.

    Like the saying goes “you can indict a ham sandwich”.

  4. First, I think it should be noted that that Mr. Velte’s response that was quoted in this article is a year old.

    Secondly, public opinion turns into the opinion of the jury, they are not robots and last I checked we had not replaced a jury verdict with a computer generated response. I agree with Mr. Young that the Hays County CPS department needs eyes on it, instead of its eyes on families trying to raise their children to become productive members of society. Rebellious teens should not be allowed to run to the authorities, change their story a few times and be protected from all consequences (it has happened in this case). We teach our children that there are consequences to ALL actions and we should not forget that, especially in this case.

    The prosecution refuses to allow the defendants, to have a copy of the recorded allegations made by their accuser. Every citizen of Hays county should think long and hard about who they have elected; or didn’t elect. I have great interest in cases such as these and I found that these parents have five other children that have not been removed for ‘neglect’, ‘abuse’, ‘assault’ or any other reason. Does no one else find this to be odd? These allegations are made in horrific numbers but I emplore everyone following this story to think for themself.

    Step parenting is HARD. If you are not one, thank God or the last person that dumped you that had children. The moment your entire life is disrupted, your livlihood is taken away, or your worse yet, your parental rights revoked or suspended because of a step-child that you brought into your life and loved as your own, do not pass judgement on this family.

  5. These people may be innocent. It happens quite often that a child, usually a teen, is unhappy at home and makes allegations against a parent. What stands out to me in this case is that the age of the child is unknown, and that can make a difference. I would hope this child is a teenager just so that this man has a chance, but the idea of a 28 yr old woman having a teenager does not speak well of her character.

    It is not uncommon for a man and woman of 20yrs difference to fall in love and have a family. That one circumstance could hurt them both since most people marry within their own generation.

    Their character is on the line. At this point it is all they have. It must be hard for a mother to have to chose between her child and her husband. My real question is, did he make the right choice in marrying her? Again, the real question in court will be whether or not they are of good moral character.

    I pray the jury acts on fact, not emotion like we are so often prone to do.

  6. CPS absolutely needs help in this area. I am a victim myself of molestation as a child. However,I alerted authorities over a year ago about a case in Hays county. I felt very scared the person who did do these acts would come after. Long story short I am now paying a price for trying to help pa little girl while in the meantime CPS along with other officials failed at helping this girl out!

  7. Paul Velte is a highly ethical lawyer and a person whom I trust. I don’t believe for a minute he is capable of doing the things that are being said about him. I will pray for him and his family that the truth will finally come out and all will be resolved. Hang in there Paul, I believe in you.


  9. Velte’s charges were dropped. He is a practicing attorney in Hays County with an office in downtown San Marcos.

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