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February 23rd, 2010
Letter: Ingalsbe endorses Rose nomination


I am writing to endorse our State Representative Patrick Rose for re-election in the Democratic Primary. We have a leader in Austin who understands and represents the pressing needs of our district and our community. With thousands of manufacturing jobs leaving Texas each year, Representative Rose created the Texas Manufacturers Caucus, bringing legislators and the business community together to protect and create jobs here in Texas. In addition, Texans have far too many children without insurance, as Chair of the Human Services Committee, Representative Rose expanded the SCHIP program to include an additional 150,000 children of low-income parents. In today’s tough economy, we need to keep Representative Rose fighting for future generations so they have the tools to build a more secure economic future. Representative Patrick Rose has a record of results that matter, please vote for Patrick Rose in the democratic primary Tuesday, March 2nd.

Hays County Commissioner, Precinct 1

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Ingalsbe endorses Rose nomination

  1. I graduated from Dripping and was educated in San Marcos’ own University, I’m 22, does that make me qualified? How about the fact that I didn’t vote to extend an unnecessary government monopoly instead of addressing the real reasons healthcare is unaffordable. He could start by voting to nullify McCaran-Ferguson.

    Look into the origins of his campaign donations. The point being Patrick has gotten his feet wet and is wading further from the shore. Let’s turn the tide on him. I’d ask you all to consider Baccus, who’s proven himself a leader, a thinker and doer of good works, but I’d rather let new guy Isaac go up against this flim-flamer.

  2. So, what you’re saying is that we should vote for the weaker Democratic candidate so you can get your Republican bud in? Sweet. I think that should pretty much say it all to people voting in the Democratic Primary.

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