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February 21st, 2010
Letter: Time to end Rose’s charmed political life


The time has come for young Patrick Rose to exit the State Legislature.  Patrick has led a charmed life as a politician. He is supported by big money interests in Houston and Austin.  He has ignored the concerns of his District, while doing special favors for his big campaign contributors.

Andrew Backus, a resident of Driftwood, has filed to run in the upcoming Democratic primary. The voters in District 45 can now choose a better candidate. Andrew has an analytical mind, the kind of thought process that we need at our highest leadership levels. He is trained as a scientist and holds two advanced degrees. He has served with distinction as the elected president of the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. Andrew has pledged to help protect our area’s natural resources, to improve education and health care, to work to lower taxes, and to improve the efficiency of State government.  But most importantly, he will represent the interests of the citizens of District 45, not the interests of Houston politicians. I will be supporting Andrew Backus for State Representative District 45 in the March 2nd Primary Election.


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5 thoughts on “Letter: Time to end Rose’s charmed political life

  1. This must be a joke, anyone who watched the debate the other day can tel easly who really is a leader and who would be best to represent our distric in the Texas house.
    Andrew Backus could not answer few simple questions, he might be a great man but in no way he’ll be able to represent our distric with ALL issues that matter to us.

  2. You got to give me a better reason to vote for Bacchus that this old saw. Frankly, I am not Patrick’s’ biggest fan, he has not reached out me, I have not given him any money but the more I see of him and listen to what he has and see how he votes the more I realize hat lie it or not he represents the true purple that this district has become.
    His opponent seems to be out of touch and running on empty platitudes tat come from having a silver spoon in ones mouth.

  3. When you look behind Rose’s eight year legislative record and compare the reality of what he did versus what he claims to have done, any responsible person would conclude Rose has gone beyond just exaggeration and taking credit for the work of others, to actually lying to his House District 45 constituents. It seems that young Patrick Rose has become a congenital liar

    “My problem with Rose is he can’t seem to tell the truth. When people around the Capitol use the phrase ‘I’ve been Rosed’ to mean they’ve been lied to, there’s a problem.”
    — Former State Comptroller, John Sharp

    Letter to the Editor, Austin American Statesman, Feb. 17, 2010

    No leader would ever lie to further a career, or take credit for the accomplishments of others as Rose has. Here’s just one example of many.

    The US Dept. of Justice (DOJ) conducted a four-year investigation of civil rights violations in Texas state schools for mental and other disabilities and found serious “deficiencies” and abuses. The Gov’s Office negotiated a Statewide Agreement with DOJ to correct those “deficiencies” and this Agreement was contained in a federal suit recently brought against the State of Texas. As part of that Agreement settlement the state legislature was required to pass certain legislation that corrected the “deficiencies,” and that legislation passed through the House Human Services Committee that Rose chairs.

    Rose claims leadership in addressing abuses in our thirteen state schools when in fact the legislation was required to settle the federal court suit. Making lemonade from a bitter lemon, Rose spun the political story that he provided leadership in addressing a terrible problem that was in reality investigated during four of Rose’s eight years in the legislature. Rose actually co-authored legislation that he did not write and that was required to settle the federal suit. There was no leadership. It was all reactive legislation forced upon the legislature by a DOJ federal civil rights violation suit.

    Rose lied to his constituents to further his political career.

    Rose has a boyish way with those who see him as a handsome fellow or as a son or grandson, but such rose colored vision is foolish and costly to those living in Caldwell, Blanco and Hays Counties.

  4. Charles O’Dell,..I guess you really do need a chill pill, have you ever said anything positive about any of our elected leaders? If you’re so disapointed with eveyone and everythind,why don’t run for an office and be our hero.

  5. I graduated from Dripping and was educated in San Marcos’ own University, I’m 22, does that make me qualified? So mom and dad aren’t millionaires, but I’m out of school with no debt.

    The point being Patrick has gotten his feet wet and is wading further from the shore (just look at his campaign donations origins). Let’s turn the tide on him. Consider Baccus, who’s proven himself a leader, a thinker and doer of good works.

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