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February 21st, 2010
Letter: Barton is the true fiscal conservative


Liz Sumter says she is fiscally responsible, but her actions say otherwise. Sumter supports building a brand new $60 million jail, while cutting funding for EMS and senior citizens. Commissioner Barton worked with jail experts and found a way to renovate the existing jail to allow it to meet the long term needs of Hays County. Liz Sumter proposed that Hays County provide a no-bid contract to the toll road builder, Zachary America, Jeff Barton opposed Sumter’s irresponsible spending and worked hard to convince TxDOT to spend millions of dollars on the project. These are just two examples of Commissioner Barton finding a way to meet the needs of Hays County with minimal costs to the taxpayers. Judge Sumter consistently looks for the easy solutions, Commissioner Barton works hard to find the best solution. In these tough economic times we cannot afford a Judge that looks for the easy solution. We need to hire Jeff Barton to be our next County Judge.


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