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February 17th, 2010
Letter: Supports Cobb over Jones in GOP county judge primary


In the upcoming Hays County Republican Primary Election, the voters of our county need to vote in a strong representative for the position of county judge. I believe that the candidate for that position is Dr. Bert Cobb.

Last week, at the League of Women Voters forum in San Marcos, I asked Dr. Bert Cobb’s opponent, Peggy Jones, a question in reference to how she will gain the confidence of voter’s given her history of late property tax payments. A simple records search in Hays and Travis County of Peggy Jones (formerly Margaret C. Griffin, Peggy Griffin) should give voters cause for concern; searching property and companies that she has owned has been quite revealing showing IRS judgments and other judgments with fines.

Everyone has felt the sting of this economy and had to make tough choices. But the county judge position needs to go to someone who is experienced at balancing budgets and paying all the bills. This position would be best filled by Dr. Bert Cobb.

San Marcos

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5 thoughts on “Letter: Supports Cobb over Jones in GOP county judge primary

  1. I’ve known Dr. Bert Cobb on a professional and personal level for the entire 30 plus years that I’ve lived in San Marcos. During this time I’ve never once known him to lie, cheat or do anything unethical. These are the traits that are sorely needed in our government. Dr. Cobb will put hard work, common sense and ethics back into the County Judge’s office while keeping in mind that he is working for US and not for his own self interests.

  2. Brad, now and then I’ve been impressed with your investigative talents, but this attack on Peggy Jones doesn’t measure up. It wouldn’t have taken much digging to find out that the financial and tax problems you cite are the responsibility of Peggy’s ex-husband. Her name is on the documents solely because she was married to him at the time. I’m sure you’re aware of the legal requirements of such a filing. They went through a very trying divorce, but Peggy womaned-up and moved on.

    Peggy isn’t a person who backs down before a challenge. She is a pilot and a member of the Civil Air Patrol. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas State, home schooled her two sons, and served as the manager/licensed operator of three water utilities. On top of all that, Peggy worked to improve her Spanish so she could better serve her water customers.

    All of your readers are certainly aware that water issues have been in the forefront in our county for the last few decades. Peggy is the candidate who has dealt personally with just such issues. She has received plaudits for the job she has done. One such recommendation comes from well known water lawyer Karl Moeller:

    “In the course of my thirty-five year practice of public utility regulatory law, it has been my observation that Ms. Jones was a diligent and effective licensed water utility operator, and well versed in the state and local issues facing public water supply systems. She is without question a competent and knowledgeable utility executive whose experience in water and land use issues will serve her well as Hays County Judge.”
    Her educational background and professional experience are directly related to the challenges that a county judge will be called upon to face on a daily basis. She is uniquely positioned to take office without the steep learning curve that someone less experienced will face. Peggy Jones has my unqualified endorsement for the office of county judge.”

    “-Karl Moeller”

    Austin, Texas
    Public Utility Regulation, Water Law, Local Government Law
    Real Estate, Land Use and Development”

  3. I owe Brad Rollins an apology. In haste I failed to realize that “submitted by” did not mean written by. The letter was the opinion of a reader and not necessarily that of the editor. But I stand by my defense of Peggy Jones.

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