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February 17th, 2010
ACC President Kinslow to speak to chamber

0115kinslowaAustin Community College President Steve Kinslow.


Steve Kinslow, president of Austin Community College, will be the guest speaker this week when the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce (SMACC) convenes its governmental affairs committee.

Kinslow will discuss ACC’s upcoming annexation effort in San Marcos.

The meeting will take place Thursday, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at Saltgrass Steakhouse.

A petition drive in Hays CISD already is underway for ACC. The drive to gather 2,000 signatures began late in November 2009. Organizers have until April 2 to gather the necessary number of signatures in order for annexation to go on the ballot in November 2010.

No such petition drive has yet begun in San Marcos CISD, so it’s highly unlikely that ACC will go on the November ballot.

Will Conley, the Hays County commissioner who also serves as vice chair for Partners for Progress in San Marcos, said a community college can fill an important role in the city. At the same time, Conley said, San Marcos is in a position to call the key terms for an annexation, so long as details can be worked out.

“We have identified many different gaps in our educational system,” said Conley, who pointed out that 15 percent of the San Marcos population that’s past high school age is without a high school diploma. “There’s also a void between kids with high school diplomas and those in a four-year college like Texas State. Obviously, a community college could fill that void for our community.”

ACC taxes 9.5 cents per $100 of taxable property value. However, residents of school districts in the ACC system pay $39 per hour for tuition, compared with $137 per hour for students outside of the ACC district.

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0 thoughts on “ACC President Kinslow to speak to chamber

  1. Journalism 101: Get the facts straight, something the reporter on this story neglicted. A petition drive is underway in San Marcos with widespread support, and will easily be done in time for the same November ballot. This is not the quality news/journalism that you normally supply. Suggest whomever wrote this story either be sent back to J101 or replaced. Misinformation is not journalism, it’s tabloid material.

  2. Journalism 101, which Adam flunked: Don’t say something is happening if it isn’t. Hey, Adam, if there is a petition out there, why don’t you tell us where to find it so we can sign it? We would all like to know. There has never been any announcement of such a drive in San Marcos CISD for the November vote. There has never been a news story of any kind anywhere reporting about such a drive. Well-placed people in the education community here say they know nothing about it. If there is such a drive in San Marcos, the organizers are doing a spectacularly inept job of publicizing it. I would think they were trying to keep it a secret. More likely, you’re just wrong about everything you’ve mentioned in your post.

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