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February 16th, 2010
Letter to the editor: Vote for Rose

To the editor:

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve my community in numerous leadership roles. Whether it has been as a high school drum major, university student leader, LULAC president, city councilmember or non-profit director, there is one role that has fueled my character and passion to serve.

I am a survivor.

In 1982, at the age of five, I was diagnosed with cancer. While the diagnosis was the most terrifying experience of my parents’ lives, the cancer experience has defined my life.

My fight began at Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, where I received the best treatment from the best pediatric physicians in South Texas. However, if it had been a few years earlier, my chances of survival would have been less than 20 percent. Fortunately, my doctors had been provided with the latest research in youth cancer treatment.

I am thankful that God has provided me with a second chance to enjoy a fulfilling life and this year I will celebrate my 28th year in remission. As a survivor, I embrace my responsibility to give, serve, and encourage others to support cancer research and funding.

This year, 85,000 Texans will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 35,000 will lose their fight. Fortunately, State Representative Patrick Rose has worked diligently to create the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute, a ten-year, $3 billion commitment to fight all forms of this disease.

Through your vote, you can help Patrick continue our fight against this deadly disease.

As a life-long resident of San Marcos and cancer survivor, I am sincerely honored to endorse State Representative Patrick Rose, and I encourage the community of San Marcos to re-elect a leader that is committed to investing in the health of our citizens, schools, and economy.

Daniel Guerrero
San Marcos

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0 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: Vote for Rose

  1. Is that here in SM? Hays Co.? Three Billion’s an awful lot, enough to cure it? If I get cancer will Rose support my right to use medical marijuana for pain/appetite if I need chemo?

  2. I guess newspapers offering endorsements of candidates is nothing new, but for some reason I was still surprised to see this here…..

  3. While I am sorry for Mr. Guererro’s illness and happy for his longevity, to hold Patrick Rose so highly re: one aspect of his several terms in office is NOT reality-based.

    To look at his record of service, Rep. Rose while running under the umbrella of a Democrat has voted mostly for GOP special interests. He has “kissed the bottoms” of such notable GOP leaders as Gov. Rick Perry, former House Speaker Tom Craddick and former toll czar legislator Rep. Mike Krusee.

    In addition, Rose has actually done very little for the average residents of the counties he is supposed to serve; Blanco, Hays and Caldwell.

    That being stated, I voted and supported Rose when he first ran against former Rep. Rick Green. I thought that when Rose returned home from Princeton and ran for office, his words of doing good for the community were not merely lip-service and that he offered some long-needed new blood into an ailing system.

    Since Rose’s words have proven to mean very little over the past several years, I stopped supporting him and urge voters to reconsider voting for another candidate.

    “I will have naught to do with a man who can blow hot and cold with the same breath” — Aesop, (620-560 BC)

    It is that statement that most highlights the career of Patrick Rose. I had hoped for better, but I am sorry to say that you just can not trust the man.

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