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February 8th, 2010
Traffic Report: 02/07/10 to 02/13/10

Street and utility work expected to affect local traffic next week:

  • SOUTH LBJ, 200 block at Comal Street will be closed on Feb. 10 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. due to Union Pacific railroad repair. Traffic will detour to Comal Street to C.M. Allen back to San Antonio to LBJ. TxDOT, 353.1061.
  • EAST HUTCHISON STREET & NORTH LBJ DRIVE, the alley and parking lot near to 214 East Hutchison and the sidewalk near 242 North LBJ will be temporarily closed due to core drilling on Tuesday, February 9 from 7 a.m. – 11 am. Public Services, 393.8036.
  • WONDER WORLD DRIVE, 300 – 400 block frontage road, closed due to Union Pacific railroad crossing repair on Wednesday, February 10 from 12 noon to Friday, February 12 at 5 p.m. Repair will not directly affect the main lanes. Both the eastbound and westbound frontage roads will be closed for three days to through traffic where they depart from the main lanes. Local traffic that may need to travel along the frontage roads will be able to do so until they reach the railroad tracks. At this point, both frontage roads will be closed. Traffic will be required to use the turn-around lane that goes under the main lane bridge structure and takes you back to the main lanes of Wonder World Drive. Public Services, 393.8036.
  • AQUARENA SPRINGS DRIVE, 1100 block, closed due to Union Pacific railroad crossing repair on Saturday, February 13 from 6 p.m. until Sunday, February 14, 6 a.m. TxDOT, 353.1061.
  • CRADDOCK AVENUE, Construction on the Craddock Avenue extension from Bishop to Wonder World Drive will begin at the end of January and continue until May 2010. Impacts to traffic will be limited to construction vehicles entering/exiting the construction zone from Wonder World Drive and/or Bishop Avenue. Additional impacts will occur with the Park Road at the end of Franklin. Traffic is cautioned that you will be in a construction zone to access the park with heavy construction vehicles in the area. Public Services, 393.8036.
  • WONDER WORLD DRIVE, road reconstruction, Stagecoach to Hunter Road. Sidewalk is closed on Hunter at construction entrance. Northbound right turn lane from Hunter to Wonder World Drive is closed. Traffic should detour to Stagecoach to make the connection to Wonder World Drive. Various nightly lane closures, 8 p.m. – 6 a.m. Drivers from Hunter Road wishing to access Wonder World Drive are strongly encouraged to use the Stagecoach Trail detour until further notice. Public Services, 393.8036.
  • RANCH ROAD 12, 2400 block, temporary pavement is scheduled for completion and traffic will shift in the beginning of February depending on the weather to temporary lanes in preparation for future construction of the tie-in from Ranch Road 12 to Wonder World Drive. The lanes will be narrower than the current lanes due to the construction. Please exercise caution to due to the construction and lane shifts that will be required. Work will continue through the end of February 2010. Capital Improvements, 393.8130.
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