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January 26th, 2010
Hays County grows 6.6 percent in 2008


New figures from the Texas State Data Center released this week show that Hays County has topped 150,000 residents after starting the young century with fewer than 100,000.

On a percentage basis, Hays County grew 6.6 percent in 2008, increasing from 142,310 to 151,664 as of January 2009. Of the 10 counties in the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG), Hays County grew the fastest during that year.

From 2000 until January 2009, according to a CAPCOG analysis of the state data figures, Hays County grew 55 percent from the 2000 Census figure of 97,589. During that same period, the CAPCOG region grew 33 percent to 1,788,736 and the State of Texas grew 18 percent to 24,538,335.

Not surprisingly, the Interstate-35 corridor, consisting of San Marcos, Kyle and Buda, grew the fastest within Hays County. By the 2000 Census count, those three towns included 42,451 combined. As of January 2009, that number shot up to 87,904, an increase of 107 percent.

Kyle registered the fastest growth, increasing from 5,314 in 2000 to 24,518 in January 2008 to 26,482 in January 2009, an increase of 398 percent from 2000. Buda has jumped from 2,404 in 2000 to 6,347 in January 2008 to 6,909 in January 2009, an increase of 187 percent from 2000.

San Marcos counted 34,733 at the 2000 Census, climbing to 52,705 in January 2008 and 55,013 in January 2009, an increase of 58 percent from 2000.

Travis County crossed 1 million residents in January 2009, when it reached 1,009,466, 24 percent growth from the 2000 Census figure of 812,280. Austin increased 20 percent during that time, from 656,562 to 786,484.

The fastest growing county in the region since the 2000 Census is Williamson County, which increased 61 percent from 249,967 in the 2000 Census to 403,200 in January 2009. The highest percentage growth in that time came to Hutto, which increased 1,035 percent from 1,250 in 2000 to 14,182 in January 2000. Round Rock experienced 82 percent growth during those years, growing from 61,136 in 2000 to 111,180 in January 2009.

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0 thoughts on “Hays County grows 6.6 percent in 2008

  1. Does that 55,000 figure for San Marcos include none, some, or all of the 30,000 Texas State students?

  2. It includes students that live in San Marcos on the day the census is taken. That would be roughly 16,000 of the 30,000 students, since slightly more than 50% of Texas State students live on-campus or in the San Marcos city limits. Also, keep in mind that historically, college towns like San Marcos have suffered from significant undercounts. College Station, Denton, and even Huntsville and Nacogdoches have experienced this phenomenon. I could go into more detail on the complexities of population estimation, particularly almost ten years distant from the last complete census, but it would probably put most readers to sleep.

  3. That’s what I assumed. You have some students who live in San Marcos and consider it their home, others who live here but consider “back home” their residence, and others who are students who don’t live in San Marcos. I’m no expert on the Census but I would assume that the 18-25 group is under-reported, in the same way we tend to under-vote. It’ll be interesting to see the Census numbers for San Marcos.

  4. That the 18-25 year old group don’t use mailing addresses or listed phone numbers, it’s primarily email/cell phone; they will be underreported.

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