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January 19th, 2010
Native Beck gives new meaning to local talent

011910beckBy SARAH STEVENS
Scene Reporter

Born and raised in San Marcos, David Beck performs locally with his band, The Well Dressed Thieves, bringing a whole new meaning to local talent.

The band formed just a few months ago, and has already booked dates as such. Zach Samuell plays drums, Blake Atwell and Drew Defrance cover the guitar front, and Jonah West is on the keyboard.

“I was talking to a girl after a show about what we were wearing,” said Beck. “We realized that a majority of the clothes we were wearing weren’t ours, we had either borrowed them from friends or acquired them by other means. We joked about calling the band the Well Dressed Thieves, and just did it.”

The live experience of a show performed by David Beck and the Well Dressed Thieves calls to mind the obvious influences of rockers from the past, most especially in the occasional cover-songs the band performs. The group pulls from many walks of music, from older musicians like Elvis and the Beatles, to Cake.

“I grew up around music,” Beck said. “My dad is a professional musician. I started playing music when I was 12 years old. Music inspires me because I’m always interested in it. It is the only thing I’ve never lost interest in. I’ve been in school, and then I lost interest in school. And I’ve had hobbies; but they all fade away. The music is always going to be there.”

Beck’s demo, released in October of last year, has given him a chance to showcase his talent on multiple instruments, as well as his skills as a very original and subtle singer/songwriter.

“I realized that I had a lot of connections,” Beck said. “I had my foot in the door and the only way I was going to open it was if I did it myself. So I just made my own demo. I played everything on it except for the drums. I recorded it at my friend’s studio up in Austin, called Fast Horse Studios. I want to make a full-length album before May.”

Continued Beck, “I started out playing the electric bass. I paralleled that with trombone, and the upright bass. Over the years, I’ve played just about everything, but the upright bass is my favorite one to play. I feel like it’s a lot more physical than electric bass, and you can get into the music a lot more to really express yourself through it.”

Beck said that growing up around music has made him want to be successful at it, so much that “I won’t feel normal” until he is to the point of touring and playing big shows.

“That’s my goal as a professional, to get as big as I can get without sacrificing musicality or the genuine feeling of it,” Beck said. “I want people to experience, to see and be a part of, a very moving performance. I want the audience to forget about their day and really just get into the music, to maybe learn something or forget something.”

For more information on Beck’s upcoming shows, or to listen to some of his music, visit

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