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January 10th, 2010
Fire destroys midtown feed store, pet shop

011010feedstorefireaFirefighters take control of a blaze that destroyed the Amkon General Store and the Critter Shop Sunday afternoon. Photo by Bill Peterson.


Fire destroyed the Amkon General Store and the Critter Shop, both housed in the same aged building on LBJ Drive just north of Cheatham Street.

An “all call” went out to area firefighters at about 2 p.m. Sunday as smoke billowed high into the sky. San Marcos city spokesperson Melissa Millecam said the fire started on the south end of the building and spread to the rest of the building through the roof.

The general store sold feeds from a building that has stood for more than 80 years. Millecam said feeds and fertilizers were in the store, as were propane tanks, which did not explode.

Millecam said that, to her knowledge, the only animals in the pet store were fish and reptiles.

San Marcos fire marshals were on the scene, as were the San Marcos Fire Department (SMFD), the South Hays County Fire Department and the New Braunfels Fire Department.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

Firefighters also set up booms to keep runoff from reaching the Purgatory Creek and the San Marcos River. In addition, officials had to stop train traffic on the railroad tracks that run across LBJ Drive just north of the fire.

As of 5 p.m. Sunday, about three hours after the initial fire call, the firefighters had the fire under control and were tearing down interior walls to put out hot spots.

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12 thoughts on “Fire destroys midtown feed store, pet shop

  1. Fox news Austin just reported dozens of animals perished. I know lots of San Martians are upset and wondering about the animals. I know my household is worried.

    Hope you provide updates soon.

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  3. My thoughts and prayers rest with the owner and his family in this tough time. I also want to heartily thank the San Marcos Fire Department and the police for the important and courageous job that they do everyday.

  4. They do have a second location that should be open on Ranch Road 12 –

    Amkon General Store
    9315 Ranch Road 12
    (512) 847-1393

  5. They did save four snakes and two toads. There were no rabbits. Chicks, three ferrets, fish and other lizards and snakes perished. Possibly some baby ducks as well.

  6. I’m am very upset about the fire that burned down the Critter shop. However, I am even more horrified that the building was not fully equipped to house animals during the winter season. The paper mentioned that most of the animals that had died, had passed on sunday night from the cold weather. How can someone have a pet store, that does not have adequate heating for its inhabitants?

  7. Kristen = Blonde

    They pulled the walls down off the side of the building. The fire inspector would not let them in to get the animals out that survived. it froze that night…….

  8. Does anyone know what caused the fire? It’s February and I haven’t seen any updates. I feel so bad for the animals. A fire is never good but why did it have to happen to a pet store? Why not a clothes store or some place with no living creatures. It’s a cruel world as it is.

  9. I used to work for Randy sometime ago handeling the reptiles and the facilities were very well equiped to house the reptiles and the other pets, as mentioned before, after a fire the electricity is shut off. Amkon General / The Critte Shop was in business for years, so to think that the building did not have adequate conditions for it’s inhabitants is just plain ignorant. It is sad that The Critter Shop is no more in San Marcos, I have bought crickets there fore years for my bearded dragon and the tiger salamander that I purchased from there. I’m not sure if Randy will rebuild in San Marcos, would be nice though. So for now I am left with alot of memories, everything from working there to getting advice on dog food for my dog and just chatting it up with Randy and Ian. I do hope that no one else makes dumb comments like Kristen, this was a tragic enough ordeal, your ignorant comments just made it that much more painful for me and everyone else who read your comment.

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