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January 6th, 2010
List of automatic winners rises to 11

010610courthouseaThe Hays County Courthouse. Photo by Andy Sevilla.


As the complete lists of filings for the March 2 Democratic and Republican Party primaries have been confirmed, the number of Hays County public officials guaranteed re-election from lack of opposition has swelled from two to 11. (See previous story here.)

Among those who will not have to face political opposition either in the March primary or the November general election are State Senator Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio), as well 207th District Court Judge Jack Robison and 274th District Court Judge Gary L. Steel, both Republicans.

Also guaranteed victory are all five justices of the peace, including Democrat Margie Hernandez in Precinct 1 (Place 2), Democrat Beth Smith in Precinct 2, Republican Andrew Cable in Precinct 3, Republican Terry Keel in Precinct 4 and Democrat Scott Carey in Precinct 5.

Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe (D-Buda), also is in the clear, as are Hays County Treasurer Michele Tuttle, a Republican, and Hays County Court at Law No. 2 Judge Linda Rodriguez, a Democrat.

At the state legislative level and below, Hays County voters will decide party nominees government office in six different races — four on the Democratic side and two on the Republican side.

The highest profile races are for Hays County Judge, with each party making a decision in the March primary. Incumbent Judge Liz Sumter (D-Wimberley) has drawn opposition from Hays County Precinct 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton (D-Kyle) on the Democratic side. The Republican candidates are San Marcos surgeon Bert Cobb and Kyle business owner Peggy Jones.

Republicans will have a choice of nominees for Barton’s seat between Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez and Hays CISD Trustee Mark Jones.

The Democrats will have two races in the county legal system. Hays County Court at Law No. 1 Judge Anna Martinez Boling faces a challenge from David Mendoza, while Hays County Sheriff Tommy Ratliff has drawn a contender in Bill Huddleston.

State Representative Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs) is being challenged in the Democratic primary by Andrew Backus is Driftwood.

Following is a complete list of filings from the Congressional level down through the Justice of the Peace level. The primary elections for both parties will take place on March 2.

U.S. Representative, District 25 (two-year term): Democrats —
Lloyd Doggett (incumbent). Republicans — Donna Campbell and George Morovich. Independents, Dirk Edward Edward Bauer and Sam McGraw Brannon.

Governor (four-year term): Democrats — Bill White, Farouk Shami, Bill Dear, Felix Rodriguez Alvarado, Alma Ludvina Aguado, Clement E. Glenn and Star Locke. Republicans — Rick Perry (incumbent), Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina. Independents — Stephen Dewayne McGee, Kevin Sill, Dale Robertson, Louis Podesta.

Lieutenant Governor (four-year term): Democrats — Ronnie Earle, Marc Katz and Linda Chavez-Thompson. Republicans — David Dewhurst (incumbent).

Attorney General (four-year term): Democrats —
Barbara Ann Radnofsky. Republicans — Greg Abbott (incumbent). Independents — Ruben D. Torres.

Comptroller of Public Accounts (four-year term): Republicans — Susan Combs (incumbent).

Commissioner of General Land Office: Democrats — Bill Burton and Hector Uribe. Republicans — Jerry Patterson (incumbent).

Commissioner of Agriculture (four-year term): Democrats — Kinky Friedman and Hank Gilbert. Republicans — Todd Staples (incumbent).

Railroad Commissioner (six-year term): Democrats — Jeff Weems. Republicans — Victor G. Carrillo (incumbent) and David Poter.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3 (six-year term): Democrats — Jim Sharp. Republicans – Rebecca Simmons, Rick Strange, Jim Moseley, Rick Green, Debra Lehrmann, Jeff Brown.

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5 (six-year term): Democrats — Bill Moody. Republicans — Paul Green (incumbent).

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9 (six-year term): Democrats —
Blake Bailey. Republicans — Eva Guzman and Rose Vela.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 (six-year term): Republicans — Lawrence (Larry) Meyers (incumbent).

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 (six-year term): Republicans — Cheryl Johnson (incumbent).

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 (six-year term): Democrats —
Keith Hampton. Republicans — Michael E. Keasler (incumbent).

Member, State Board of Education, District 5 (four-year term):  Democrats —
Robert M. Bohmfalk, Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Josiah James Ingalls, Daniel Boone. Republicans — Ken Mercer (incumbent) and Tim Tuggey.

State Senator,  District 25 (four-year term): Republicans — Jeff Wentworth (incumbent).

State Representative, District 45 (two-year term): Democrats –– Patrick M. Rose (incumbent), Andrew H. Backus. Republicans — Jason A. Isaac.

Justice 3rd Court of Appeals, Place 4 (six-year term): Democrats — Kurt Kuhn. Republicans — Scott Field and Melissa Goodwin.

Judge, 207th Judicial District (four-year term): Republican – Jack Robison (incumbent).

Judge, 274th Judicial District (four-year term): Republican — Gary L. Steele (incumbent).

Judge, 428th Judicial District (four-year term): Democrats —
Scot Courtney. Republicans — Bill Henry (incumbent).

Hays County Criminal District Attorney (four-year term): Democrats — Sherri Tibbe (incumbent).

Hays County County Judge (four-year term): Democrats — Elizabeth “Liz” Sumter (incumbent) and Jeff Barton. Republicans — Albert H. “Bert” Cobb and Margaret “Peggy” Jones.

Hays  County Court at Law, Place 1: Democrats — Anna Martinez Boling (incumbent) and David Mendoza. Republican — Robert Updegrove.

Hays County Court at Law, Place 2 (four-year term): Democrats —
Linda Rodriguez (incumbent).

Hays County District Clerk (four-year term): Democrats — Alfredo Sanchez. Republicans – Beverly A. Crumley.

Hays County Sheriff (two-year unexpired term): Democrats — Tommy Ratliff (incumbent) and Bill Huddleston. Republicans — Gary Cutler.

Hays County Clerk (four-year term): Democrats –
Gina Islas-Mendoza. Republicans — Liz Gonzalez.

Hays County Treasurer (four-year term): Republicans — Michele Tuttle (incumbent).

Hays County Surveyor (four-year term): Democrats — Shawn Ash. Republicans — Kelly Kilber (incumbent).

Hays County Precinct 2 Commissioner (four-year term): Democrats —
Ray Bryant. Republicans –– Mark G. Jones and Mike Gonzalez.

Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner (four-year term): Democrats — Karen Ford (incumbent). Republicans –– Raymond “Ray” Whisenant .

Hays County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1, Place 2 (four-year term): Democrats — Margie Hinojosa-Hernandez (incumbent).

Hays County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 (four-year term): Democrats — Beth Smith (incumbent).

Hays County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3 (four-year term): Republicans — Andrew W. Cable (incumbent).

Hays County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4 (four-year term): Republicans —
Terry Kyle (incumbent).

Hays County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 5 (four-year term): Democrats — Scott Carey (incumbent).

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0 thoughts on “List of automatic winners rises to 11

  1. WRONG! You stated: “Republicans will have a choice of nominees for Barton’s seat between Kyle Mayor Mike Gonzalez and Kyle City Councilmember Ray Bryant.”
    Ray Bryant is a Democrat !!!!! Try Mark Jones instead…..
    Could you please correct this ?????

  2. I guess there are no libertarians running in any of these spots, right?

    Go ahead and humor me. Please do condescend to grudgingly acknowledge our existence. We libertarians are such idiots, but it’s a “free country” after all, and you guys in the media are supposed to at least PRETEND that this is the case. You might even decide to say something about Greens or other third parties. Or not.

    Ah well. The good news is that the Dems and GOP have done SO GREAT by this Nation. That much is clear.

    Chuck Young

  3. You make a good point Chuck. And while I’ll admit I’m a Democrat, I would still like to know about any Libertarian filings as well as Republican. Sorry I can’t agree so much with your last statement. But please, let’s not go there. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Let’s just agree to disagree on that one….

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