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January 4th, 2010
City takes deer management survey


Responding to citizen concerns about white tailed deer on private property, San Marcos city officials are inviting residents to participate in an online survey concerning deer management through Jan. 31.

The city’s animal services advisory board is conducting the survey to explore options. The survey is available at

The board has held two public hearings in the past year and is seeking additional public comment on deer management in San Marcos.

Texas State University graduate student Matt Anding, a teaching assistant in the Geography Department, is coordinating the survey project. Anding will compile the data from the survey and report back to the animal services advisory board. The board will consider recommendations to send to the city council.

For more information, contact the city’s animal services department at (512) 805-2650.

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0 thoughts on “City takes deer management survey

  1. Trap multiple deer in an enclosure, kill humanely (and safely) with a head shot from small caliber rifle at close range and process meat in the field by qualified volunteers should be an option. Transport for processing or relocation is too difficult and expensive and hard on the deer. Excess meat could be donated. This would cost the city the expense of an enclosure and a pallet of deer corn. I am sure there would be no shortage of highly motivated, well equipped qualified volunteers in my neighborhood.

    In addition, feeding the deer should be illegal.

  2. OK people. First of all deer on private property? Seriously? Ok the citizen that is concerned that lives in the Willowcreek subdivision, MOVE! The deer will eat you! May you have many nightmares with big scary deer haunt you! By the way running over them also does the trick but that never happens does it? You never hear gunshots do you? Brian are you suggestion you are qualified to shoot the deer precisely in the head where it would never suffer? By the way again someone please tell me how much it will cost tax payers for proofessionals to be hired to kill them? Anyone remember that attended the meetings? Are the people companing about the “white tailed” deer predjudice of this particular species? I am NOT feeding the deer I am feeding the other little animals!

  3. Here’s a novel idea: Since the trains like to routinely block the road on McCarty (like this afternoon for over an hour with no police doing anything!) why not just have a trail of deer corn/food down to the track and then each time the train stops load them into an empty car and transport that way? Yes, just kidding, but we might as well make use of the stupid trains that can’t seem to park BEFORE having to block intersections (how much brain power would that take, duh?). On the otehr hand, maybe we should have a day called “Block the Trains” and take old junk vehicles out on the tracks so the train companies can see how it feels??? Question: why is it legal for trains to block roads but if a car or 18 wheeler does then it is illegal??

  4. The “concerned” person ( cough), or people should put a sign in their yards telling the deer it is “Private Property”! Maybe then they could shoot them for trespassing.

  5. Ahh. Verification that ignoring local politics for a year is going to be the






  6. Increase the number of natural predators. Get the 30,000 bobcats in town to eat them. Problem solved!

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