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January 1st, 2010
Diamond Line dancers start year with summer success


The San Marcos High School Diamond Line officers pose with trophies. Left to right: First Lieutenant Rachel Wheaton, Senior Officer Justin Campos, Captain Brittany Natal, Junior Officer Chelsea Casner and Diamond Line Director Michelle Knight.


The San Marcos High School (SMHS) Diamond Line Dance Team will have even more finesse to show spectators during its Rattler football half-time shows this year thanks to hard work at camps this summer. The dancers garnered both awards and experience at the camps.

In June, the 2010-2011 officers, Captain Brittany Natal, First Lieutenant Rachel Wheaton, Senior Lieutenant Justin Campos and Junior Lieutenant Chelsea Casner, attended HTE Dance Officer Training Camp  in Houston. The officers had a variety of experiences and earned awards in technique, leadership, choreography and discipline.

The Diamond Line Spirit Leaders attend camp in June with Showmakers of America. The San Marcos Leaders won the “Most Outstanding Officer Squad” award on the very first day. Brittany Vest and Paige Clayton received “Miss Congeniality” recognition, as well.

In August, the 48 member Diamond Line Team attended the HTE Team Training Camp. The dancers were awarded the highly prized “spirit stick” for two days running. Team members Justin Campos, Chelsea Casner, and Mallory Swinney were selected for both the elite Kick Academy and Dance Academy. Selected for Dance Academy, also, were Brittany Natal, Rachel Wheaton and Elizabeth Hayes. Kyla Crumley, Sydney Huddleston, Amanda Sladek, and Sharra Wilder were selected for Kick Academy.

The 2010 Kick and Dance Academy members are invited to travel to Hawaii for the HTE Academy Tour of the Hawaiian Islands this school year. All four officers were selected as Dance Academy members and were named an Academy Platinum officer line. As Academy Platinum members, the officers also earned the opportunity to participate in a special performance in  Hawaii.

The SMHS Diamond Line Dancers are under the direction of Michelle Knight.


The Diamond Line 2010 HTE Academy Members. Front, left to right: Amanda Sladek, Brittany Natal, Rachel Wheaton, Justin Campos and Chelsea Casner.Back, left to right:  Sharra Wilder, Elizabeth Hayes, Sydney Huddleston, Kyla Crumley and Mallory Swinney.

083010DL3The 2010 SMHS Diamon Line Spirit Leaders. Front, left to right: Kerry Schauer and President Brittany Vest. Back, left to right: Director Michelle Knight, Vice President Paige Clayton, Kristi Schauer, Kori Klinedinst.

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