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December 23rd, 2009
Video: UT’s D.J. Monroe DWI arrest

Hays County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s dashboard camera footage of Longhorn running back D.J. Monroe’s arrest Nov. 15 for driving while intoxicated. The charge was dropped and Monroe pled guilty to obstructing a passageway in exchange for deferred adjudication. University of Texas head football coach Mack Brown reinstated Monroe after the legal issues were settled.

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30 thoughts on “Video: UT’s D.J. Monroe DWI arrest

  1. This is no different than the Sergio Kindle, DUI cover up. Kindle (while driving drunk)lost control of his car and drove through an apartment building. He said he was “sleepy” and after he wrecked…he just drove home.

    It is a sad time we live in, where these cases are constantly being brushed under the rug, because these players play at high profile programs. AT WHAT PRICE? It is obvious that someone will need to be severly injured, or killed before ol’ “Yellow Teeth” Mack Brown decides to actually hold one of these guys responsible. Football fan, or not…its truly pathetic!

  2. And this guy has a College scholarship? Talks like he is dumber than a 3rd grader. Texas should be real proud!!

  3. Can’t wait for Mr. Political “when it’s to UT’s benefit” Mack explain this one… This kid was drunk and the fact he has been reinstated shows UT’s true colors… Pathetic!

  4. Only a Texas player would get away with DWI that easy. I wish MADD would get ahold of this and come down hard on Texas for this. I believe this is the 3rd UT player to get a DWI in the past 2 years.

  5. Not happy about the whole situation…you or I would not have been able to get off this easy.

    What about the DA’s office? Should they not also bear some of the blame for letting him off easy?

  6. If the average Joe Bloggs were to get caught in the same situation he’d end up losing his license and his job. It’s ridiculous to think that college football players aren’t held to the same accountability the rest of us are. MADD should be all over Mack and
    Deloss on this one.

    He seems to be a nice respectful kid. I hope he’s learned his life lesson!

  7. Where is the breathalyzer result? If I were in this kid’s position I would be scared out of my wits, obviously the cop was trying to intimidate the kid. I wouldn’t have understood the cop either and it is not because I am stupid. The cop worked very hard to make his instructions difficult to follow. Either you have some childish hate of the University of Texas, you believe that all college athletes are a bunch of privileged brats, or you are just envious of the opportunities that this young man has. Whichever way the problem lies with you. If you don’t feel any sort of empathy for this young man then you need to rethink your position on a lot different things. Get off your high horse.

    I am in no way condoning drunken driving, I know that Driving While Intoxicated is a very serious offense. I know many people who have been killed by drunk drivers – it is awful and should be punished. I just believe that you should take a step back before you make accusations about the University of Texas and about this young man’s intelligence. The true double standard is that this kid would not receive such venom from so many strangers if he were not a football player from UT. I am sure that you all have done much worse in your lifetimes than this young man ever has and it is cowardly to sit behind the anonymity of the web and rip down this young man and the University of Texas. Tyler, Shawn, Jakera, and CM get a life before you start slinging out accusations and insults.

  8. Pretty shocking that no backup ever came or was requested for what is a felony charge….is this common in Texas?

  9. monroe was prolly more scared of mack brown then the cops, losing a scholarship would prolly make me sick as well ,the hays county sherriffs suck anyway, glad he hurled in the car, hey whorn hater, you are a sad loser, sounds like u might be a nebraska or aggie fan, keep hating, thats what makes kicking ur ass so much fun, love us or leave us, hook em horns

  10. What a joke. Maybe you have a case saying the officers instructions were hard to follow…maybe. But, you can’t defend him driving across several lanes of traffic on the video. You also can’t defend the puking by saying he was scared. He said it was gum that made him choke, not fear. He couldn’t even answer the simple question of “where have you been”? He kept saying I’m going to my girlfriends house. The officer had to repeat everything three times, and he still could not comprehend.
    It’s a blessing he was pulled over before having a wreck and killing himself, or his girlfriend, or another unknowing motorist. The UT lawyers got him off. He’s just being used by the university for his God given talent. If he were a simple UT student, he’d be in jail. I’m thankful he was taken off the road before something bad happened. Shame on UT for sweeping these things under the rug. The continual arrests of UT players is getting out of hand. From DWI to handguns, to robbery. It’s the recruiting of thugs that will eventually be Coach Brown’s downfall. Sad world we live in.

  11. I wonder who picked up DJ’s Mercedes from the impound? And if the boosters bought him another one?

  12. It’s obvious the young man is very drunk. I think this young guy is probably going to learn a very important lession through all of this. I would be he is a good kid making a big mistake in this depicture.

    The problem I have is the lessons being taught to all the younger BJ Monroe’s to follow. Is the lesson being thought from this time forward that if you are a great athelete and you play for the big University you can “fenegle” around the law? This appears to be the message coming from UT. Mack Brown should be ashamed. So should DeLoss Dobbs. And so should all other coaches, athletic directors and university officials who basically condone this behaviour to get “the win” at all costs across the country. Those wins may cost more than any of them realize. Add in the graduation rates at Texas’ flagship University and it’s very clear and apparent where priorities are.

    These college athletes are offered wonderful opportunites to advance themselves at colleges everywhere. They should be held to the same laws as any other kid on campus.

    BJ Monroe, Sergio Kindle and the crew should not be allowed to play football while they in the thro’s of the law. It should be that simple.

    This again is “too bad” for college football.

    Good luck BJ Monroe.

  13. Say the same thing about tony Larussa the Coach on the St Louis cardinals. Larussa is a grown man and he was freed as well, and let’s not forget Randy Moss…

  14. As a police officer, I find this dispicable.

    Why don’t we just get a special decal to let me know who is a star football player, so I won’t have to waste my time removing this drunk off the streets, much less getting my patrol car puked on.

    I wonder how far these bleeding UT fans would go defending this drunk..after he caused the accident killing innocent people?


  15. If this deal would have materialized in the regular course/time frame most everything would not have gone the course for months, maybe a year. This thing gets done in less than a month? THAT is why many of us are scratching are heads. It is not the deal he received that we find odd…it is the expediency with which it was resolved…given that a chance to play in the national championship loomed.

    I cannot wait until APD “accidentally” catches a UT athlete on one of their “No Refusal” weekends. I wonder if Mack Brown has his excuse card ready for that one…..hmmmmm.

  16. ….I could not resist so I thought I would write part of Mack Brown’s statement when one of his players get popped on a no-refusal weekend in Austin:
    “We have all made bad decisions in our lives and this young man is no different the rest of us…he made a bad decision. He is sorry he has placed the team and the university in a bad light. He has assured me this type of episode will never happen again…..oh, yes, he gets really nervous too, like DJ Monroe, and puked in the police car. Well, you see…..he was really drunk, but nervous too, but DJ was not drunk, only nervous. There is a clear distinction.”

  17. This is pretty much the way things are in our country, it’s a matter of who you are and who you know, no matter what you do, you’ll get away with your crimes. The consequences we do have for criminals certainly never seem to fit the crime. We have entirely too much tolerance, esp. for the “exalted” athlete. What a great message for our young people.

  18. This boy went to school in my home town. He was dumb then and he is dumber now….what a waste of a scholaship that should have gone to some hard working student that can least READ!!!!

  19. Lets clear some things up:

    DWI is a class B Misdemeanor, not a felony.

    Second, having a second officer on scene is not required by law…most departments will require that two officers be on scene for it, but that’s completely up to the departments. Sheriff’s Departments may not require it because of the area that the officers have to cover.

    Third, the instructions given by the officer were consistent with what’s required by law and goverened by NHTSA. The tests are standardized and the officers dont have any leeway with how the instructions are given. It might have been difficult to hear on the highway wih the semi’s, but it seemed like the subject had difficulty comprehending any kind of question or instruction.

    The video doesn’t show the third test that’s usually given, and obviously, doesn’t show the results of the HGN test (checking the eyes), which are usually pretty revealing. Unless you’ve been trained in spotting the clues of the tests, you can’t really tell how many clues were exhibited by the subject on his Walk and Turn test.

    The officer didn’t appear to exhibit any kind of prejudice against the subject. He had perfectly legal probable cause to initiate a traffic stop on the subject with the swerving as well as the no turn signal.

    And yes, the fact that this was pled out so quickly and downgraded to a class C is ridiculous. You can’t ignore the timing of it either…i’d be pretty disappointed with the DA for pleading this one out so quickly with all the evidence against the subject.

  20. Is the Hays Co. DA really so naïve as to believe Monroe ever had any intention or chance of actually graduating from UT? If so, I have some beachfront property in Odessa that I would like to offer him. The reality is that, like most major college program players, he received a pre-NFL opportunity in the form of a scholarship with no academic or character strings attached. If he doesn’t get injured, then he has a free ride to the the NFL. According to value system of Mack Brown and the UT boosters, drunk driving should not interfere with this plan.

    But as it turned out, Brown found out that he didn’t need him in Pasadena after all. Roll Tide.

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