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December 20th, 2009
20 athletes awarded 'T' rings


Texas State’s athletic department awarded 20 of its athletes with “T” rings in a ceremony last Friday in the end zone complex at Bobcat Stadium.

University President Denise Trauth presented the rings to each of the student-athletes. Trauth was joined by Texas State athletic director Larry Teis and the head coach for each athlete honored.

This fall’s ring recipients include six football players, four women’s track and field athletes, four baseball players, two softball players, two soccer players, one tennis player, one volleyball player and one men’s track and field athlete.

To receive the Texas State ring, each of the 20 student-athletes must have completed their eligibility at Texas State in good standing, graduated within one year after their NCAA eligibility is complete and earned a “T” letter from the athletics department.
The six football players were Bradley George, John Gilley, Donavan King, Cameron Luke, Kevin Odelusi and Jamal Williams. George graduated last spring and worked on a postgraduate degree while completing his eligibility this fall.

The four women’s track and field athletes were Veronica Rodriguez, Samantha Evola, Whitney Perkins, Sara Olayiwola. The baseball players were Spencer Dennis, Aaron Fuller, Aaron Taylor and Adam Witek. The women’s soccer players were Marty Wright and Mandi Mawyer. Softball players Katie Garnett and Ryan Kos also received their “T” rings.
Other recipients included former volleyball and tennis stars Amy Weigle and Ashley Ellis, along with former men’s track and field athlete Roel Elizalde.

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