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December 11th, 2009
Travis Elementary takes on big projects

2FooddriveLeft to right: William Hutchinson, Madisson Russell, Ira Bensen, Kate Shaw from the Food Bank, Destiny Llanos, Principal Niki Konecki, Counselor Rima Kaikhah.


The Travis Elementary School Texans have done a remarkable amount of good in just a few short weeks that resulted in some substantial donations.

For the month of December, the Travis Student Council voted to adopt the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center Donation Project. During lunchtime on Fridays, the school fundraisers included selling face painting and face tattooing (not the permanent kind, of course) for the price of either one dollar, a canned food or a toiletry item.

During November, the school raised almost $400 for the Hays County Food Bank’s  food drive within a period of two short weeks. The Early Act/First Knight Council members decorated food collection boxes and “Donations Wanted Posters,” which were on display throughout the campus.

1foodriveLeft to right: Kate Shaw from the Food Bank, Principal Niki Konecki, Christopher Salinas and Alexis Clay.

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