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December 1st, 2009
Wimberley school teaches students to be detectives

WimberleyThe PowerHouse detectives of Wimberley Junior High.


Some students at Wimberley Junior High are learning to be detectives, although not the typical Sam Spade, wise-cracking, gumshoe kind. No, these students are learning to be 21st century energy detectives, committed to making simple changes at home that will lower energy consumption, save money and reduce their impact on the environment.

The sixth grade students in the classes of Julana Long and Lauren Gates recently participated in the PowerHouse™energy investigation program sponsored by Pedernales Electric (PEC) in partnership with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

After students conduct an energy investigation at home with their parents, the PowerHouse™ program generates a four-page, personalized report for each student. The report identifies the sources of wasted energy in their homes. Students learn that there’s a reason why dad is always harping on keeping the refrigerator door closed. They see how habits such as turning off lights, shutting that refrigerator and using fans to aid cooling can save natural resources and save money on monthly electric bills.

“The PowerHouse™ program is teaching students that, by making simple changes, each of us can save money and help reduce the overall demand for water and electricity,” said PEC Communications Manager Michael Racis. “PowerHouse™ is an innovative program that teaches sixth graders about the resources used to produce electricity and how that electricity gets to their homes from the power plant. It helps them understand how their households’ energy use can affect our environment.”

This is the first year PEC is sponsoring the program. The plan is to present it at 12 Central Texas schools. All in all, about 3,000 students will learn about how their families use electricity, their impact on the environment and how to conserve.

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0 thoughts on “Wimberley school teaches students to be detectives

  1. This is outrageous how they get our beautiful children to be spies for the globalist. We need to wake up people.

  2. Teaching children to be spies and to write dossiers on their parents, that’s sooo Soviet.

  3. This is obsurd!! Teaching our kids to spy on their parents and report what they find. Way to go. How sick!

  4. ttp://

  5. I wish my daughter would keep the refrigrator door closed, but I want to be the one who teaches her.

  6. This is disgusting! Using kids to spy on their family!!! Make it sound innocent and say it’s in the name of saving energy!!! Watch E N D G A M E by A L E X J O N E S Stand up and say “OH H E L L N O”!!

  7. So let me get this straight? A consortium of utility companies are bribing the school system to utilyze their elementary school students as corporate Stasi-style spies to do a “carbon audit” and put together detailed dossiers on their parents’ homes with the blackmail of a bad grade or worse if a student refuses to cooperate. And all this is done under UNESCO in the name of a giant hoax, the artificially created “crisis” of supposed anthropogenic global warming when the global temperatures have been decreasing since 1998.

    And I guess we should reply like Parsons in George Orwell’s “1984”:
    “‘I’m glad they got me before it went any further. Do you know what I’m going to say to them when I go up before the tribunal? “Thank you,” I’m going to say, “thank you for saving me before it was too late.”‘

    Thank You, Big Brother
    But, NO!

  8. We need to sepak out and tell everone we meet about this kind of thing and what the big picture is all about and join groups to spread the word.

  9. Nothing wrong with saving money, but this is nobody’s business but the family’s. This info WILL be used against you. Watch out.

  10. This won’t last very long. Especially once the Public finds out that PEC is turning over the information to the Local and Federal Government. For those of you who initiated this program, when you pass away don’t be surprised if your surroundings are a a little hot for your comfort level. This is the workings of the Global Elite trying to separate Families in America. We will put an end to this PEC Investigative Program. You can take that to the Bank!

  11. Welcome to the United Nations – They have taken over this country entirely.

    You are merely witnessing a small slice.

  12. This is a sad day for America. Brainwashing our youth to be a spy for the Global Elites….

  13. These clowns are SICK, SICK people. Like Pink Floyd sang- “Hey, teacher, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE…!!”

  14. These devil worshipers will stop at nothing to demolish the human society and breach the family ties.


    Fear is but an illusion!


  15. I hope these scumbags know how many people are watching these events unfold and taking appropriate preparations to stand against this tyrannical scourge that is polluting our great nation.

  16. People…DO NOT comply with this nonsense. They are “auditing” your life through your very own children and you have the right to refuse. If they threaten your child with failing grades, you can file a formal complaint as this IS a violation of your 4th Amendment rights:
    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Pay attention to what your kids are (AND are NOT) learning and if you can, make the necessary sacrifices to get them out of the indoctrination centers (public schools) and HOMESCHOOL your children…you’d be surprised how advanced and thorough home school cirriculums can be. Look up the stats.

    Lets take our children and our CONTROL BACK, all we have to do us voice a resounding “NO!”

  17. The Nudge concept, Cass Sunstein advocates. Leads to the herd allowing total control of their lives. Like cattle standing at the bunk, waiting for hay when snow is on the ground. Crying for their masters. Is this what we want to become?!? Well, is it?!? We should ALL boycott Wal-Mart for carrying nearly all chinese made products. Have you seen the link on info wars? The link to an article called, One child policy;The case for killing junior. If you follow up the right links, you will come to an article in a Seoul newspaper. It was the most horrendous truth I have seen in a long time, if not ever. It tells how the Chinese are now selling and eating aborted babies for better health, stamina, and sexual prowness. It even has photo’s of the atrocity. We need to make this info spread. This is sick beyond words. Why should we continue supporting a nation, through the likes of Wal-mart etc. A nation of hedonistic cannibals. I would rather pay more, or go without!!! Stand up America, and be heard, used to be our gov’t wouldn’t trade with China because of human rights issues, now it seems it doesn’t matter what happens to (humans)babies, as long as they are not permited to live. if we are not now being ruled by a communist system, we are close at hand. China is now telling the rich nations, (at the Copenhagen climate change hoax meeting in Denmark) that they need to adopt the same one child policy they have. Since when does this communist nation tell us what is good for us, or what we need to do? We now live in the land of lies!

  18. I hate to see what kind of sewer sludge is coming after this. Didn’t the Nazis and Soviets teach children to spy on their parents? Shhhh, Connie, the lil’ pitchers have big ears. Soon it will be like Twilight Zone the Movie, when a group of grownups was scared of one little boy. If your child complains about getting a ‘zero’ on an energy audit tell him who’s boss. I don’t think that ‘F’ will matter in 6th grade by the time he reaches college age. That “zero” on a fascist assignment will give him character.

  19. You conspiracy theory wackjobs are so annoying, I almost hope for the apocalypses you constantly predict just so we can all be rid of your paranoid stupidity.

  20. Another tyrannical example in the State of Texas, with your innocent students being told, it is an assignment. You voters in Texas better elect Debra Medina to be your next Governor, and urge her to oversee the schools; to prevent more of this. Tell your friends who home school and any local Amish, who do not have the Internet; to call 512-646-5000 daily to learn about this.

  21. Because it’s Christmas and I’m feeling pretty good, I’m going to think that this is some kind of crazy joke- that we are all getting “punked”.
    Or maybe the scary-crazy LMC supporters are so bitter and bored after getting slammed in Tuesdays election that they are trolling for some new wacko conspiracy to give them something to obsess about.
    I cannot allow myself to think that these posts are REAL and that are community is being overtaken by an ‘insane clown posse’. Let’s say it all together, people:
    “This thread is not real, this thread is not real, this thread is not real…”
    Let me know when you locate those local Amish…

  22. The thread is certainly not any usual posters and the story is a little old to gin up so much interest, but what of their point? Should children be forced to conduct an energy audit of their parents and share the results and information with some third party, quasi-corporate entity? I say no, it is no business of the public schools and a cooperative utility. Without being a conspiracy, carbon controls reduce individual liberty and knowledge of use paves the way for later control.

  23. I’m gathering from the lack of ‘crazy’ posts in the last few that the bulk of the posts on here are NOT real. I can imagine that the parents were fully cooperative in this program and if they weren’t I’m sure the school was fine with them not doing the assignment. I personally think that the assignment is great and that it’s teaching kids at an early age how to be energy conscience. The conspiracy theorists are running a muck in this country. Amazing how they were all cheerleaders and fairly tame when Bush was president.

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  25. This crazy making kids spy on parents. School is for learning not mind control we are going to take our school system back.

  26. It strange, you check out some seemingly innocent comment, and find your self in an insame asylam.

  27. I think this is wonderful! All children in the USA should be a part of the national security force and they should give monthly reports about their carbon foot prints, their homes and family etc… History has proven that children are willing servants when given any kind of power over their parents and families. If we are going to have real CHANGE we must have the children working towards our goals and agendas. Parents are directly responsible for harming the Earth and they must be held accountable for their actions.

  28. I really do not understand peoples anger on this… I wish people would get this angry about Obama infringing on our constitutional rights! I just can’t find anything wrong with teaching our children how to save Mom and Dad’s hard earned money:)

  29. Wow. I had no idea there were so many scary people out there. Heaven forbid someone wants to help me save money on my electricity bill, be a more responsible citizen and teach kids responsibility. I could not imagine living a live where conspiracy consumed me. Can you say Prozac? Thank god our teachers aren’t as sick as most of the comm enters.

  30. Kinda like Rick, I wonder why teaching kids science and perhaps reducing their parents’ slavery to “energy” sounds so destructive? Is frugality a bad thing? Is it bad to notice you could be more efficient? Is anybody out there telling you you can’t be a wastrel or a know-nothing or a slobbering anti-everything-but-me? So a kid learns about energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs and home insulation. Is somebody going to come and forcibly insulate our homes? Wish I’d known. Then I would have waited.

    You want examples of mind control? Check out the State Board of Education, a national laughingstock and embarassment. George Wallace a national hero, my fat butt! JEFFERSON of no consequence?

    Or are we being infiltrated by “clean coal” fanaticists? Somebody tell it around that coal is CARBON, for God’s sake! Just elemental carbon, with a bit of radium and a few heavy metals. Just like “awl”–can’t EVER be clean, because it is made of dead stuff and is harvested using brine, caustics, acid, and other far-less-than-nutritious chemicals. I grew up working in every phase of the industry from drilling to pipelining to plastics plants–been there! It’s how I paid for my education. Oddly, how I learned a good deal of science.

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