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November 24th, 2009
San Antonio run draws local crowd

San Marcos Runners Club

Last week, San Antonio hosted the Rock N Roll Marathon and Half Marathon to roughly 26,000 runners.

Talking with some of the area runners, it was a tough day for a run as the weather was warm and humid. The winning finishers for the most part came from Kenya (top 10 of 22) and Ethiopia. Evidently, the weather did not bother them.

Looking over some of the finishers and where they came from, it seemed about one-half came from Austin and San Antonio. There was a good turnout from our area runners, also.  Looking at San Marcos, Kyle, Buda and Wimberley, the numbers represented central Texas very well.

In the full marathon, of 3,246 runners for the men James Hill of Buda ran a 3:55:05, David Donnelly of San Marcos ran 5:03:37, Eric Rindahl of San Marcos ran 3:56:44, and Thomas Navarte of Kyle had a 4:49:38. Marc Tickerhoof of Kyle had a 3:58: 01, Carlos Castilla of Maxwell ran a 4:08:47, Derek Matlock of Wimberley had a 4:08:25, Shane Burke of Wimberley ran 4:14;04, Peter Arcidiacono of Wimberley ran a 4:36:09, and Randy Villapondo of San Marcos had a 5:13:06.

Other San Marcos runners included Steven Thompson at 5:17:56, Aaron Contreras at 5:17:58, Joe Medina ran in at 5:19:57 and Eddie Quinonez ran his first marathon in 5:25:05.

For the women’s full marathon totaling 2,567 runners, local entrants included Whitney Perkins (3:12:26), Gina Eben (4:45:53), Silvia Clark (5:14:50), Jennifer Hernandez (5:31.12), Lisa Medina (5:41.32), and Laura Mason (5:54.47).

The number of runners in the women’s half marathon was 12,585 runners. Area runners from San Marcos included Nicole Nuckols in a nice time of 1:50.22, Krista Betzing in 1:55.05, Kaitlin Simmons ran a 2:01.18, Kaily David ran a 2:02.58, Kara Olson had a 2:04:13, and Angie Burke had a 2:12.05.  Nelda Pannell walked a fast pace to finish in 2:59:23.

There may have been other local runners, but I managed to look at the top 3,000 and will try to pick up others next week.

Area women runners from Wimberley included Debbie Belvin in 1:57:17 and Laura Crawford in 2:12:51. Liz Shelton of Buda ran a fast 1:24:03 for seventh place overall. Colleen Reutbach ran a 2:01.24, Amy Urbanovsky ran 2:03:45; Stephanie Sandoval ran a 2:12:51; Andrea Russo ran in at 2:15:33 and Angel Delcueto ran a 2:16:39. Kyle women runners included Julie Brooks in a good 1:50:28, Elizabeth Montoya in 2:12:48, Amanda Simon in 2:13:56, Angie Jones in 2:01:40, Liliana Salazar ran a 2:03:45, and Rebecca Dahse ran in at 2:07:17.

I glanced at a few of the top finishers for the men in the half marathon and saw that Jeffery Shelton from Buda ran a 1:16:33 that was good for 27th overall out of 7, 435 runners.  Looks like the Sheltons from Buda make a very fast running team. Robert Seibert from Kyle had a 1:28:53 time that was good, also.

Since the numbers are so large it may take me some time to work my way through the results, but I will try to find some more area runners for next week, especially in the men’s half marathon results.

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