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November 19th, 2009
San Marcos recognized by BusinessWeek


San Marcos received a notice to which it is not accustomed this week, when BusinessWeek named the city as the Texas winner in its “Best Places to Raise Your Kids: 2010” survey.

San Marcos beat out San Antonio and Houston for the designation.

In its entry about San Marcos, the magazine said, “San Marcos, located in Central Texas between San Antonio and Austin, is home to Texas State University-San Marcos. For residents, the university provides plenty of cultural opportunities and the San Marcos River and parkland allow for a variety of outdoor recreation.”

The publication did not rank cities nationally, but included San Marcos among ten cities it highlighted across the nation in its introduction to the survey.

BusinessWeek said it worked with OnBoard Informatics, a provider of real estate analysis. The survey was limited to towns with at least 45,000 residents and a median income between $40,000 and $125,000.

“The data we used included school performance, number of schools, household expenditures, crime rates, air quality, job growth, family income, museums, parks, theaters, other amenities, and diversity,” the magazine said. “Affordability, safety, and school test scores were given the greatest weight.”

More information from BusinessWeek is here and here.

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0 thoughts on “San Marcos recognized by BusinessWeek

  1. Not a surprise at all—we have a great superintendent, a fantastic Chamber of Commerce, a top notch University, and a progressive city government lead by a future-thinking mayor.

  2. This is a nice feather in the cap. Hopefully we can use this as part of a campaign to lure some businesses to town.

  3. San Marcos has always been a great place to live.

    That is exactly why I stayed here after college,…over 25 years ago.

    Having staged out of project sites in many cities and countries around the world,…it was certainly evident that our quality of life, our cost of living, our Texas culture, this location and its convenience, and certainly the friendliness of the people here in San Marcos certainly rival those same qualities and attributes of just about any other locale in the world.

  4. We love San Marcos. There are a lot of really nice people here! We are very glad we made the move to San Marcos (in December ’07) after our most recent 16 years in Plano. Wonderful church family at First Baptist Church San Marcos, and we’ve made and continue to start friendships with folks throughout the community. In so many ways, this is home, in a community small enough that people can know each other and be there for you, where you always see somebody you know when you go out, where there is a spirit of helping each other.

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