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November 19th, 2009
San Marcos named to BusinessWeek’s ‘best places to raise your kids’

At sunset one day in November, Rio Vista Falls was empty but the whitewater park hosts thousands of rivergoers on a typical summer day. A proposed revision of city codes would make it illegal to interfere with tubers or other people passing through the spillway and punish violators with a fine up to $500. Another proposed change would lift a rarely enforced ban on swimming in a stretch of the river upstream from Rio Vista.


BusinessWeek magazine today named San Marcos one of the United State’s best places to raise kids, putting it on a Top 10 list that received international circulation through Yahoo! Real Estate.

BusinessWeek works with OnBoard Informatics for the research survey. They are a leading provider of real estate information and analysis. Towns of at least 50,000 residents were considered, with a median family income of between $40,000 and $100,000. San Marcos is reported with a population of 45,366 and a median family income of $53,690. According to the article, weighted criteria also included: school performance, number of schools, household expenditures, crime rates, air quality, job growth, family income, museums, parks, theaters, other amenities, and diversity.

“We weighted school performance and safety most heavily, but also gave strong weight to amenities and affordability,” Prashant Gopal said in a video posted on

“What those of us with children and grandchildren have known all along,  San Marcos is one of America’s Best Places to raise Your Kids.” Mayor Susan Narvaiz said in an e-mail. “San Marcos and its people value families, education and business. We show our respect of the natural resources we are blessed with through our leading conservation programs, and we embrace our cultural diversity and preserve our heritage. These are the things that make a city great and these are the things that will continue to be the foundation of  San Marcos’s unique identity long into the future. So let it be known that San Marcos offers prosperity for the young, the seasoned and all ages in between. Come join us!”

This blurb ran alongside a photo of condominium buildings in Austin: “San Marcos, located in Central Texas between San Antonio and Austin, is home to Texas State University. For residents, the university provides plenty of cultural opportunities and the San Marcos River and parkland allow for a variety of outdoor recreation.”

PHOTO: The magazine mentions the San Marcos River as a contributing to the city’s desirability for young families. This is Rio Vista Falls in the chain of parks that run alongside the river through the city.

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9 thoughts on “San Marcos named to BusinessWeek’s ‘best places to raise your kids’

  1. This is a nice feather in the cap. Hopefully we can use this as part of a campaign to lure some businesses to town.

  2. Great! So is this why the Sights and Sounds Committee is going to charge an admission fee to what was once a nice low-key community celebration? Or, is this a text book example of “mission creep” to turn what was once a delightful local event into a Central Texas Extravaganza? I say, yes, and to urge those who purport to be in charge of these things to pry this nail from the coffin from next year’s “Business Week”‘s assessment of this fragile community.

  3. My wife is a first grade school teacher and they had to cancel the singing at Sights and sounds cause they wanted to charge the kids for admission to sing at the event.

  4. Good lord their are people out there who are willing say this isn’t a great place to live because a Christmas canrinval charges an admission equal to what the would pay for a cup of coffee? Get a life. As for the home invasions, for the 16 years I have lived here this has been a very safe town.. Until i see otherwise, I am writing off that string of home invasions as a fluke

  5. Interestingly, Chief Williams stated that the home invasions were all drug related. Yesterday I heard a report, from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, that narcotics-related crimes are up 48% over the last 5(?) years for Hays County.

    I am not sure I would write it off as a fluke just yet.

  6. To Mr. Larry Rasco–I have a life but do not drink coffee so expensive as you can obviously afford. Pay for your coffee and pay for your Sights and Sounds admission fee–it is a free country for now. But, see Rick’s note about the group with which he is affilated–they canceled because the Sight and Sounds committee is to charge groups THAT WOULD PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT ON STAGE! It is worse than I thought. It would be bad enough to charge Mom and Dad, their children, two set of grandparents and a couple of aunts and uncles in order to see their wee relative perform on stage for fifteen minutes, but to charge the performers, too? Forget your coffee, Mr. Rasko, we are approaching Ruth Cris’s Steak House prices now. You get a life, Mr. Rasko, and some 9mm for when unemployment in this town reaches 20% or more–then see if home invasions are a fluke.

  7. museums, parks, theaters, other amenities I must be missing something, those were sorely lacking when I grew up in Marcos.

  8. Rick,

    Your wife must not have gotten the right information. My child was also supposed to perform at Sights and Sounds, but because of the weather the school district decided to cancel the student peroformances.

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