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November 13th, 2009
City proclaims and honors many

1YouthadvocateYouth Advocate honored. Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, Youth Commission Chair Craig Corbin, honoree Bonnie Pecina, and students Angelina Castillo and Gracie Rocha. Back row, left to right: City Councilmembers Pam Couch and Kim Porterfield, Texas State student liaison Fidencio Leija, Councilmembers Chris Jones and Gaylord Bose, Stuart Spencer, Council Member Fred Terry, Stacie McGee and Gene Martin. Photo by Don Anders.


San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz , the city council and the San Marcos Youth Commission recently honored Bonnie Pecina as Youth Advocate of the Month. Pecina received the honor for his outstanding work with children at the San Marcos Housing Authority.

Curtis Seebeck was honored by Mayor Narvaiz this month for his donation of the mesquite wood that was used in the construction of a new City Council dias. The wood was preserved from the road construction project at Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road.

November 12-19 has been proclaimed “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Week”.  The proclamation aims to raise public awareness of the illness. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its complications is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

The city council recently honored the San Marcos High School varsity tennis team for winning the UIL district championship for the second year in a row.

1SeebeckThe mayor honors Curtis Seebeck. Front, left to right: San Marcos Mayor SUsan Narvaiz and honoree Seebeck. Second row, left to right: City Councilmembers Pam Couch and Chris Jones, Student Liaison Fidencio Leija, and City Councilmembers Gaylord Bose, Fred Terry and Kim Porterfield.  Photo by Don Anders.

1CardioChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Week proclaimed. Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor SUsan Narvaiz, Kitty Collins, Chris Russian, Sharon Barlow, Ali McCormack, Stacy Fowler, Gloria Cantu, Elizabeth Lucas, Tenisha Onaifo.  Back row, left to right: Mayor Pro Tem Pam Couch, Fidencio Leija, and Councilmembers Gaylord Bose, Chris Jones and Fred Terry. Photo by Don Anders.
3TennisTennis champions honored. Front row, left to right: San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz, Coach Jack Hughes, Gabe Gwyn, Gabby Garza, Olivia Hernandez, Elodie Seibens, Claire Dennis, Jordan Ogletree.  Middle row, left to right: Council Member Kim Porterfield, Carlie Porterfield, Councilmember Pam Couch, Effie Husbands, Daniella Suarez, Madison Gribbon, Angelo Ortunio, Fernando Salas, Reben Juarez, Councilmember Fred Terry.  Back row, left to right: Thomas Moore, Ben Posey, Sam Stone, Andres Urrutia, Hunter Voyles, Councilmember Chris Jones, Robert Lee, Jacob Lucas.

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