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November 12th, 2009
San Marcos physician Cobb announces judge candidacy


San Marcos surgeon and physician Dr. Bert Cobb  today announced his Republican primary candidacy for Hays County judge.

“Like many others, I am concerned for Hays County’s future and eager to see responsible leadership return to the helm of our county government,” said Dr. Cobb. “If elected, I promise to restore fiscal discipline to county government, reinvigorate our local economy, and meet growing demands on our roads, water, and emergency services.”

Cobb served as chief of surgery at Central Texas Medical Center and has operated three area medical clinics. He is board certified in head and neck surgery and served as president of the Tri-County Medical Society and Pan American Allergy Society.

“I worked for over thirty years on planning and public safety issues in Hays County and have experience leading large organizations. I understand the challenges facing our county and have the experience to get the job done right,” he said.

Cobb also cited recent public concern over county finances and mismanagement. “The county judge and Democrat controlled commissioners court have raised property taxes twice during an economic recession. They bungled the oversight of the county jail so severely, the state has threatened to shut it down, potentially costing taxpayers millions,” Cobb said. “With so many challenges facing our community, we cannot afford this kind of irresponsible leadership.”

In addition to medical and civic leadership, Cobb is a certified handgun and personal protection instructor for the National Rifle Association and a certified master gardener. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and married to Gaye, his high school sweetheart and wife of 43 years. The Cobbs have two grown children.

In the Republican primary, Cobb will face San Marcos RV park owner Peggy Jones for the chance to take on the Democratic Party nominee. County Judge Elizabeth Sumter has announced she is seeking re-election; Pct. 2 Commissioner Jeff Barton has not announced but is considered likely to challenge Sumter for the Democratic Party nomination.

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12 thoughts on “San Marcos physician Cobb announces judge candidacy

  1. Yeah. And what’s really interesting is Mark Jones dropping out of the County Judge race and switching to the County Commissioners race. Was he really that afraid of Peggy Jones? Please… Or did he just want another uncontested race?

    I’m surprised at the Republicans. Is this the best they can do? Mark Jones should have stuck with the county judge race… I don’t really see much competition here yet.

  2. Is this man going to give up his position as surgeon to run for county judge? If he wins, will commissioners court be re-scheduled for surgery – or will his patients be re-scheduled for commissioners court and all the meetings he will have to attend? Medicine and politics will make for an interesting new mix… I can’t imagine that he has begun to deal with issues like water, subdivision issues, and roads in his profession as surgeon. This should be loads of fun for Ms. Peggy.

  3. Come on, with all due respect, in my opinion Dr. Cobb is angry because of a dispute his son had with a water district. I would like to know if in fact that is true? A simple yes or no will do.

    I have been looking forward with interest to see why Dr. Cobb is running. Frankly, what I have heard and read is woefully short of specifics and high on “tea party rhetoric”. I’m sorry, but in my humble opinion, this will not serve us well. The tea parties have their place but you cant build roads nor a Government Center with that attitude.

    While we are at it, I seem to have gotten at least 2 Press releases from Peggy Jones and others from Barton and none of those have received any news play, what is that? I would love to see both of these candidates get some equal air time as both of them are well qualified and have proven track records ( like them or not).

  4. In response to David Sergi, the answer is no. My continued fight with the Hays Trinity Groundwater District has nothing to do with my Dad running for Judge. Besides, the groundwater district is autonomous from the County Court.
    Let me also assure anyone interested, that I am fully capable of fighting my own battles.
    As for my Father, Dr. Cobb, he has served the Hays County community for more than thirty years. He has no political alliances. He just wants to make Hays county a better place.
    You political insiders can try to tear him apart, but his motives are pure. He doesn’t seek a title. He doesn’t seek power. He is willing to give-up his practice that he’s built since I was a child. My Dad wants to stop the abuse of the taxpayers in Hays County.
    Say what you will, but Dr. Cobb is THE candidate for transparency and accountability. Some will support my Dad, some will not. But those who criticize should do so respectfully. If nothing else, Dr. Cobb deserves to express his vision and have it listened to objectively.

  5. It could just be after the current court’s constant drama that voters will be ready for a non-politician by next November. This isn’t an endorsement; just a thought.

  6. Why would anyone be afraid of Peggy? She has a common sense voice and knows the issues of this county.

    Peggy Jones announced her candidacy for County Judge at the San Marcos Convention Center on August 20, 2009. As Judge, Peggy will preserve the health, promote the safety and protect the welfare of Hays County.

    She has a fresh perspective in regional land management having recently graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos with a Master of Applied Geography majoring in Land/Area Development and Management and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with special emphasis in Real Estate Development. Peggy is moderately fluent in Spanish from intense coursework at the University of Texas in Advanced Spanish and by practicing with customers and local residents where English is a second language or not spoken at all.

    Peggy has worked as a Legal Secretary, Manager/Operator of three privately owned, public Water Utility Companies holding a Water Operators License serving over 500 families. As an intern, she worked as a Geographic Information Scientist at CARTO Remote Sensing Consultants in San Marcos and for the Planning Department at the City of New Braunfels. She currently owns AustinSA Realty as a Broker and is the developer and owner of Plum Creek RV Campground handling the management of daily operations and staffing.

    She is a Broker member of the Austin Board of Realtors, the San Marcos Board of Realtors, and the San Antonio Board of Realtors. She is the Republican Chairman for Precinct 447 and has been active in the Hays County GOP and as an Election Judge for almost 10 years. She says everyone should stay involved in their community, because she believes everyone counts.

    Peggy joined the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) in San Marcos and discovered the love of flying. The CAF acquires, restores, and preserves in flying condition a complete collection of combat aircraft which was flown by all military services of the United States. They also boast a museum hangar for permanent protection and display of those aircraft along with preserving the memory and spirit in which they were flown. She considers it an honor to be part of a group that remembers those who have fought for our country.

    Peggy is an active general aviation pilot serving with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as the Safety Officer for the David Lee Tex Hill unit San Marcos. Peggy is a Scanner for Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief operations, flying sorties, and providing air and ground base support. She has volunteered for training sorties and for emergency support after Hurricane Ike at the initial command center in San Antonio and then in Houston. Peggy is trained in the FEMA incident command structure and with Red Cross emergency preparedness. The Civil Air Patrol also supports Humanitarian Missions giving aid to the Red Cross when needed. This unit is considered a Rapid Response unit and would be called upon when needed.

    Her husband, Mike Jones, is a Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Specialist serving in the 143rd Long Range Surveillance unit (LRS) supporting the Texas Agricultural Development Team (TX-ADT) in Afghanistan. When not on deployment he works full time as a Personnel Recovery Training Team Instructor for the Texas National Guard.

    Peggy and Mike live in San Marcos with her two sons: Remington and Rutherford Griffin. Remington graduated this year from home school and began his college career at Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Conservatory of Music majoring in Classical Guitar Performance this fall. Rutherford is a student at San Marcos High School with hopes of attending Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

    Peggy’s conservative values and fiscal responsibility are needed to control the current county budget. Too many expensive studies are not providing solutions. The focus of her campaign for Hays County Judge is to preserve the health, protect the safety and promote the welfare of Hays County residents.

    Some of the most critical issues are:

    •The Unbridled regulatory control and loss of private property rights.
    •A reckless salary increase to this very position.
    •Infighting between county commissioners over road and bridge infrastructures.
    •Necessary ground water solutions
    •Property Tax and the careful use of public money

    And finally,

    •To promote balance between Economic development and growth management. Both are possible and need to be because businesses are the main financial support for the services residents, and future residents, depend on.

    Peggy is qualified to be your next County Judge. Her environmental sensitivity, strong ethical standards, and regard for diversity have earned admiration from her customers, peers, and colleagues. She is looking for your support in the upcoming year as she strives to become your next County Judge in 2010.

  7. Hey there Balance – sounds like you are a Peggy-look-alike. You certainly quoted quite proficiently from her campaign material. Aren’t you able to think for yourself? If we wanted to read her campaign material, we know where to go.

  8. Did Peggy submit a press release? In my experience, that’s about all it takes to get a story printed. It’s possible that someone made a conscious decision not to print her announcement, but it seems unlikely.

  9. Sorry, David, I don’t know what press releases you’re talking about. The text that someone pasted in comments here about Peggy Jones’ campaign was never sent here as a press release. Barton hasn’t announced so I assume there was no press release from him either.

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