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November 12th, 2009
CTMC has unique association to Veterans Day


Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) honored its associates who have served in the armed forces on Veteran’s Day with a ceremony at the flagpole in front of the entrance to the hospital.

Hospital employees, including physicians, medical staff and volunteers, were included in the annual ceremony.

“Taking time out of the day to honor our veterans is a great way to demonstrate the respect and gratitude we have for all the sacrifices they and their family members have made,” said CTMC President and CEO Gary Jepson. “We are truly blessed to have so many men and women willing to put their lives in danger so that we may enjoy a life of peace and freedom.”

CTMC originally occupied the Hays County Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Memorial Hospital on Belvin Street.

More than 85 CTMC employees and physicians currently working at CTMC have served in the armed forces.

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