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November 10th, 2009
Map: Lone Star Commuter Rail

The proposed 110-mile route of the Lone Star Commuter Rail line between Georgetown and San Antonio. Plans include a stop in San Marcos and one in Kyle/Buda, although officials say exact locations have not yet been determined. For a larger version, visit the rail district Web site here.

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One thought on “Map: Lone Star Commuter Rail

  1. Hmmm. One stop to serve both Buda & Kyle? If that single stop gets located in a place that can be easily accessible to folks using alternate means of transportation (bike & scooters, for example), maybe that one stop will be sufficient. We’ve had enough shortsighted transportation planning in the last 20 years and by now all of us should know that more roads lead to more and more traffic. And we are now headed back toward $3.00 gasoline. Maybe Boone Pickens’ plan would work, but if gas continues to sell for less than $3, we will continue to risk our long term future by continuing to do what we’ve been doing – buying big vehicles and living 30 miles from where we work. There are, no doubt, thousands who would be pleased to commute on a train – but only if the price is right and if it is convenient. And it sure wouldn’t hurt to take some pressure off I-35.

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