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November 9th, 2009
Thomason: Recount unlikely


The Hays County Elections Office said Monday afternoon that no new votes came in for the San Marcos City Council election, meaning the election for the Place 5 council seat is all but guaranteed to go to a run-off.

The elections office said three overseas ballots arrived Monday, but none were from San Marcos voters. Monday was the last day for the elections office to count any ballots.

Thus, the vote count remains with Thomason holding a plurality lead at 960 votes out of 1,924 cast, 49.9 percent. Academic advisor Lisa Marie Coppoletta, a distant second place with 504 votes, would go against Thomason in a run-off. Small business owner Shaune Maycock finished with 460 votes.

Thomason said he almost certainly won’t ask for a recount, although he came within three votes of receiving the majority he would need to win the election outright.

“I haven’t decided, but I can’t imagine that over-turning,” Thomason said Monday night. “If it was one vote, it might.”

The San Marcos City Council will canvass the election results from Nov. 3, most likely at the Nov. 17 meeting. It is the responsibility of the council to call for a run-off election.

Given that time frame, it’s mostly likely that a run-off election would take place around Dec. 15, with early voting to begin on about Nov. 30.

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0 thoughts on “Thomason: Recount unlikely

  1. I hope the election is sooner rather than later so the Texas State students can vote and participate, too. It behooves whoever wins to want maximum voter participation.

  2. Interesting…if the runoff was a predetermined date like state and federal elections (four weeks after primary or general election date) then it would be Dec 1st and students would be here to vote. But since the city has the “option” to set a date, and will not do so until Nov 17, they can in effect control the election outcome by setting the date mid-December after the students have gone home for Christmas. I’m NOT saying this is “the plan” by this Council—just pointing out this is probably a law that needs changing.
    Democracy and freedom, the cornerstones of our country, are best served when maximum voter participation is encouraged and planned for, and not by allowing a potential setup in the future of some Council trying to control the election by potentially setting dates when groups of voters are out of town.

  3. Any student who cares enough can vote early, or stick around till the 15th What percentage of students will be gone by the 15th ? If they really wanted to slant the vote they could make the election Jan 2 If Mr Thomason was just a mere 3 votes short of winning without a runoff, would it not be the gracious thing to conceede and there by save the city all of this expense ? What day is the last day of finals anyway ? all these prior comments are based on the assumption that the students vote as a block or overwhelmingly for one of these candidates.

  4. I suspect that many of the students who are registered to vote in San Marcos are still here after finals. The drop in student population in town after finals is due in large part to the dorms closing and the commuting students no longer driving into town.

    Finals are not over until 12/15 anyway and graduation is 12/18 and 12/19.

    That being said, I think the holidays present issues for everyone, student and non-student alike and an election during finals would likely cut down on student turnout. It would be better to get this over with sooner, rather than later.

  5. And let’s not forget the signs littering yards and roadways during the holidays. Monica Garcia, if you are out there, congratulations on a largely positive, spirited campaign, but time is up to get those things down.

  6. I don’t think changing the vote from May to November has increased the number of students voting anyway, at least not in an off year election. Our voter turn out was no better last Tuesday than it was when the city elections were in May, if anything it may have been worse.

  7. John where are there any Monica Garcia signs? Please let me know so they can be removed promptly.

  8. John we went driving around town with our list and the only sign left was the one on Cheatham St. Sign Art has taken that one down. The only ones we saw were a Thomides and Maycock sign on a building downtown . We also saw a Maycock sign back by the Lindsey Lofts. So if we are missing something please let us know.

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