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November 9th, 2009
Doggett to address Texas State Democrats healthcare rally


Fresh from Washington where he cast a vote for the House’s historic healthcare bill, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett will headline a rally at Texas State University on Tuesday in support of health insurance reform.

Sponsored by the Texas State College Democrats, the rally starts 1:30 p.m. at Christ Chapel, formerly St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, at N. Lyndon B. Johnson Drive and Wood Street. The event is being held in conjunction with the national Health Reform Education Day.

In addition to the congressman, the event will feature San Marcos city council members Chris Jones and John Thomaides, the Rev. Jaime Pouzard, and Phil Sladek, M.D.

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13 thoughts on “Doggett to address Texas State Democrats healthcare rally

  1. Honorable Congressman Doggett, the bill you and the Democrats are trying to pass is going to hurt the the Tax payers of America. In my behalf as in many americans, I can’t afford to pay any more taxes, if you only knew how hard it is to survive financially with my spouse and I working, for two kids residing with us. I wonder of other families,less fortunate. Just imagine of the amounts of Illegal aliens in the Country (Illegals not Immigrants), The numerous of public schools being built yearly to accommodate the larger portion of illegals. The free health they are already receiving not including housing and welfare. The Bail out of the Auto makers and Banks etc. The personal bills we have to pay including our own health bills etc. I have yet to take my family for vacations in the past five years, due to the fact that we must work all year round to make ends meet. Its not as peachy ass you all think it is, up there in Washington. Sir you were elected to represent us so that we may live a more fruitful life, how can we survive, when taxes is all we hear from the city, county, state and federal. As a19 year old employee I have yet to say I have a savings account. Please go out and find out for your self how the average americans are living and making ends meet, before you pass your health bill on us, don’t take someone else word.

    Be assure that There will be an other election coming up sooner then what you might think.

  2. Convenient how “historic” and “healthcare” form a cozy alliteration. How, with healthcare at the biggest percent of GDP are we going to pay for it? Why not look at the endemic problem before coming up with yet another problem? Spell check doesn’t even recognize “healthcare” as a word, and now we have National Healthcare Reform Education Day? Could it be that this is a glittering generality? (Spoiler alert: It is!)

    I can’t wait to grill doggett on the finer points of this bill he just voted for without reading in its entirety – as if to say “What do I care, y’all are the ones gonna have ta live with it!”

    Ooh I think I’ll start with “How come y’all only threatened to strip the profiteers of their federally enforced monopolies instead of actually amending the McCarran-Ferguson Act?”

    I smell a rat…

  3. He was listening to his constituents – at least the majority of them. And they wanted health care reform.

  4. I agree with you, the health system is the most costly in the world. But this bill is not reform. Please read my argument. It’s still going to cost as much or more as a percent of GDP but the cost is going to be leveled on everyone, whether or not you want/need health insurance. Big thank you to my fellow constituents.

  5. This is NOT health care reform. Its another govt. takeover of industry that we will all pay for with higher taxes, reduced care, less doctors. it robs Medicare of 500 Billion and gives Big drug companies more money/power. You will go to jail if you dont have Insurance. Ironic Doggett said he didnt care if all his constituents were against this he would vote for it, so much for listening. Dogget has done nothing but Lied about whats in this bill from the start. READ IT and WEEP.

  6. Oh Please! You will go to jail if you don’t have insurance???? And this is a government takeover of an industry???? Sounds more like an industry’s takeover of the people if you ask me…. But then, since it’s NOT EVEN TRUE – guess we don’t really have to worry about it…

  7. Make sure that medical marijuana and abortions are covered. That way all the illegals can get stoned all they want but at least we can have liberal death panels to deal with all the unwanted children they keep having.

  8. Rick, I don’t believe that racist comments like that are warranted. If you can’t have an intelligent conversation about this topic, then just keep your vile thoughts to yourself.

  9. As an employer, as an American, as some one who has lived over seas under various forms of government health care, all I can say is WAY TO GO CONGRESSMAN DOGETT. The best health care I ever had was overseas where there was a GOVERNMENT based program supplied my basic needs and then I could (and did) opt for a premium insurance cover that let me make more choices. The. Simply put it really does work. Sure you can find example of it not working in Canada, the Netherlands and England, but you will find hundred of thousands of more examples of it working there. I know I lived overseas and saw it first hand.

    All of you who carp and complain while using government roads to drive your cars, who graduated from government schools and universities (and didn’t become indoctrinated with weird left wing ideologies in the process), are protected government emergency services, who send government troops in harms way to protect our freedoms and some of you who even work in Government jobs need to take the politics out of the equation and look at reality. .Government does do things right. The real question is what are we spending on health care and how can we save money.

    Taking profit out of the health care sector is one such way. We do it with attorneys, if you are charged with a crime and cant afford an attorney or need a divorce and are too poor to afford one you can get a court appointed attorney in a criminal case who makes far less than I do or a legal aid attorney who works for a set yearly fee and is funded by IOTA .

    Tricare is an example of a well run Government health care system. Ask most vets. Sure there are problems, but there are problems anywhere. Wake up and smell the coffee that we are simply all paying too much and this will make us competitive and care more available. Its time to quit being self centered and look out for the public good. It will all cost us less in the long run.

  10. Wow Rick the death panel thing was discredited long ago. Thanks for bringing it up again, I needed the laugh.

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