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November 4th, 2009
SMBA novelist alum returns with advice for students

Rubi-Anne Alexander, right, a San Marcos Academy junior from Florida, gets a signed copy of Stranded, the debut novel by SMBA graduate Scott Ayars


Novelist Scott Ayers, Class of 1978, recently visited his alma mater, San Marcos Baptist Academy (SMBA),  to sign copies of his recent book and give a little inspiration to the students.

Ayers, a San Marcos native, said he always wanted to write a book, but never had the self-confidence to try.

“For decades I did not believe I had any talent at all, and for decades I have wanted to write a book,” Ayars said. “But my talent was buried under a pile of unbelief, doubt and fear. It was there, I just didn’t see it.”

Ayars said God gave him the inspiration to develop his talent and try writing four years ago. He persisted, and, six months ago, his first novel, Stranded (2009, Tate Publishing), was published.

Stranded is an adventure story set in outer space, but it also touches on ecological issues and corporate greed. Ayers draws on his interest in flying and his love of the Science Fiction genre. His work has engendered many positive reviews from readers, particularly at

After graduating from SMBA, Ayers attended the American Technological Institute in Killeen studying aviation. He has been an airline pilot for the last 24 years, a career he plans to continue as he writes his next novel.

Ayars met his wife, Molly (nee’ Murchison), at SMBA, where they were both members of the Class of 1978. Ayars, a “day student” at SMBA, recalls he wasn’t a very good student at first and was in danger of failing.

“One of the real turning points in my life was when Vice President Jimmie Scott called me into his office to talk about the situation with my grades,” Ayers said. “I remember that he looked me in the eye and said he would help me work out a schedule so I could graduate with my class—but that I would only succeed if I took the responsibility to do the work necessary. It made an impact on me, because he treated me like an adult and challenged me to do my best. I did graduate on time and have kept that determination to succeed ever since.”

While visiting the SMBA campus, Ayars talked to sophomore, junior and senior English students about how he gets ideas for his work. He described the process of getting a novel published and shared some stories of his days as a student at the academy.

Ayars encouraged the students to pursue their interests and use their gifts.

“I believe God gives everyone a talent for something, and I just want to encourage you to search for that talent and use it for the Glory of God,” Ayars said. “When you do you will discover a new joy you haven’t experienced yet. Find your talent, develop and use it. Take the desire you have and don’t quit.”

More information on Ayars book is available at

San Marcos Academy Alumni Director Madeline DeLong and English Department Chair Malyna Miller celebrate with Scott Ayars on the recent publication of his first novel.

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