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November 4th, 2009
County contrary on constitutional amendments


Hays County voters were a little more ornery than the rest of Texas with respect to 11 amendments to the Texas Constitution.

While all the amendments, as is customary, passed the statewide voter test, Hays County voters actually went against two of the proposals.

Hays County voters barely went against Proposition 1, which would have enabled cities and counties to use tax increment financing to purchase “buffer zones” around military installations. The measure failed in Hays County, with 50.8 percent (3,637) of the voters going against and 49.2 percent (3,522) in favor. Across Texas, the measure passed, 55.2 percent to 44.8 percent.

Hays County voters also opposed Proposition 4, which proposes that the balance of the state’s higher education fund be transferred to a national research university fund to benefit emerging research universities in the state. Hays County went against the proposal, with 3,606 (50.44 percent) in opposition and 3,543 voters (49.56 percent) in favor. Statewide, 56.7 percent of voters approved, while 43.3 percent opposed.

Each of the other nine constitutional amendments breezed through Hays County voters with at least 60 percent favorability. The same was true across Texas.

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0 thoughts on “County contrary on constitutional amendments

  1. Of course we voted against prop 4, why would we vote for an amendment that gives more money to another university system?

  2. particularly since prop 4 doesn’t benefit the university present in Hays County and may in fact hurt it when it goes after funding for its improvements.

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