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October 26th, 2009
Rio Vista improvement starts new phase


The Rio Vista neighborhood improvements have now entered Phase II.

Beginning Wednesday, city contractors will start cleaning brush and debris in the utility corridors of the neighborhood. Preliminary clean-up is the first step before gas meters and power poles can be relocated to make way for the installation of new waste water lines.

Phase I of the project was the installation of new wastewater lines in the utility corridors of four blocks of the neighborhood.

Phase II of the project replaces old water and wastewater lines in the remainder of the subdivision to improve reliability of service to approximately 300 residential customers and more than 25 commercial customers.

In conjunction with the water and wastewater improvements, Sycamore, Field, Haynes, McKinnon, Roberts and Rio Vista Streets will be reconstructed. Portions of Cheatham and Riverside Streets within the Rio Vista neighborhood also will be reconstructed.

Roadway improvements include sidewalks and intersection improvements.

Drainage systems throughout the neighborhood also will be improved to alleviate the significant drainage problems that occur frequently throughout the neighborhood.

For more information on the project, call the City of San Marcos Capital Improvements Department at (512)393-8130.

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