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October 26th, 2009
Hays CISD strategic team unveils goals


Hays CISD Superintendent Jeremy Lyon presented a draft of the district’s strategic plan to Hays CISD Trustees last week as the school district transitions from its rural history to a more suburban future.

The strategic plan was the culmination of a three-day intensive planning effort by various committees involved with the project.

“We spent three days looking at aspirations and reality,” Lyon told the school board. “And this strategic plan draft is our attempt to fill that gap.”

Lyon read the six strategies, each of which will become the responsibility of a 10-15 member “action team.” The teams will be comprised of members of the community and Hays CISD employees. Their goal is to work throughout the next four months to create operational plans to make each strategy a reality.

The drafted strategies are listed as:

1. Revolutionize the learning experience by meeting the needs of 21st Century learners through relevant curriculum and engaging instruction guided by personalized educational plans.

2. Remove barriers to student performance by assessing physical, social and emotional needs and providing necessary supports.

3. Create an employee-friendly organization based on the ideals of trust and communication.

4. Actively establish relationships with community and business groups to enhance educational opportunities in support of the district’s mission.

5. Develop infrastructure to support robust technology integration across the organization and all curricula.

6. Infuse instruction with environmental stewardship and integrate sound environmental practices into facility design, construction, and operation.

The action teams will take their recommendations to a strategic planning team, then present them to the school board in April or May of 2010.

“We spent three long, hard days and we worked very diligently,” said Trustees President Patti Wood, one of two board members on the strategic planning team. “It is very well thought out, very organized. But we are not going to let it sit there on paper. We will make it accountable, with a timeline and a roadmap for how we’re going to do it in the next five years.”

Said Trustee Ralph Pfluger, the other board member on the strategic planning team, “It was quite a pleasure because of the wide variety of people (who made up the team). ,From the 30 people, we came up with the same thoughts time after time.”

Pfluger encouraged his fellow board members to educate themselves with “what is going on and why we are doing it.”

Said Pfluger, “We’re at a fork in the road. Let’s take a look at what we’re doing and how it will raise our expectations and aspirations.”

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