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October 22nd, 2009
Intruder shot in home invasion


An intruder broke into a home on Oscar Smith Drive in San Marcos Wednesday night and came out of the adventure with several gunshot wounds from a resident of the home. San Marcos police are investigating.

Police responded to a call of someone trying to break into a home in the 700 block of Oscar Smith Drive. Three residents were inside when a man forced his way into the home through a back door.

The suspect was armed with a BB gun resembling a real pistol. One of the residents fired numerous shots from a handgun, striking the intruder.  The man fled on foot.

Shortly after the 9:50 p.m. incident, a man arrived at Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) with several gunshot wounds. He received primary treatment at the CTMC Emergency Room and was transferred to the University Medical Center at Brackenridge in Austin.

The man was reported to be in stable condition Thursday morning.

Police are not releasing the names of any persons involved in the incident as they continue their investigation.

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6 thoughts on “Intruder shot in home invasion

  1. This town has gotten out of control. Who’ll be next citizen that will have to execute an assailant or a robber? And there are people who want us to be unarmed in our own homes.

  2. Hoo-Ray for the Texas Castle Doctrine, Texas Castle Bill or Texas Castle Law! These are all the same and give the homeowner (or rightful occupant) the RIGHT to use deadly force to protect themselves, their property, and others within the residence (”castle”) without repercussion.
    If you want more details on the law, just do a search on “Texas Castle Doctrine”.

    He deserved to be shot and it’s unfortunate that he was not taken out permanently. Be armed and don’t be a victim.

  3. I believe Oscar Smith Drive is a small section of RR12, by the torch/sculpture on the Texas State campus.

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