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October 21st, 2009
Railroad crossing fixes expected to slow traffic


The Hays County Road Department said three railroad crossings at County-maintained roads in the San Marcos area will undergo repairs by Union Pacific Railroad beginning Monday.

“Drivers should expect delays and should consider finding alternate routes to avoid inconvenience,” said Tim Vande Vorde, manager of road operations for Hays County.

The affected crossings are at Centerpoint Road on Oct. 26 and at Posey Road and McCarty Lane on Oct, 27.

Roads within some area municipal jurisdictions could also be affected by crossing repairs beginning on Saturday.

The repair schedule could change due to inclement weather or other factors.

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4 thoughts on “Railroad crossing fixes expected to slow traffic

  1. So if they close McCarty, Centerpoint, and Posey at the same time will that mean that people who live in Deerwood, Kingswood, or Sleepy Hollow will need to come all the way in to Wonder World to cross the tracks?

    If that’s the case, it seems to me that they could have staggered the repair schedule a little better.

  2. This is an atrocious idea. All traffic is going to be forced onto Wonderworld which is in the middle of construction as of now. Traffic is already backed up on this road and your going to push three more cut-through streets onto it? Well done Hays County Road Department, you must compensate your planners quite a bit.

  3. Also, since Union Pacific is doing the work, on their schedule, I believe the ability of Hays County to influence anything is dictated by UP’s willingness to cooperate.

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