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October 21st, 2009
Deputies save woman, arrest her for DWI

Allison Berry.


Hays County deputies and firefighters rescued a woman from a car that was overturned in water early last Saturday morning, then arrested her for driving while intoxicated (DWI).

At approximately 5:35 a.m. Saturday, Hays County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) 911 Communications received a call of a collision at the San Marcos River low water crossing bridge and the Old Bastrop Highway (CR 266). The original information given was that a car was overturned in the water and screams for help were being heard.

Hays County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Supervisor Sgt. Sam Stock and Deputy Amy Stacy arrived on the scene at approximately 5:44 a.m. They located the vehicle and learned that one occupant had exited the vehicle. However, the driver was still trapped inside.

Stock and Stacy entered the water and attempted to open the driver’s door, to no avail, though they confirmed that the driver was still alive. Stock and Stacy were soon joined in the water by firefighters Mike Burkhart of South Hays Fire and Bill Young of San Marcos Fire, who assisted in opening the driver’s door. After cutting the driver free of her seatbelt, they were able to get her to safety.

The driver was found to have minor injuries, but was transported to Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) for treatment.

The driver was identified as Allison Anne Berry, 18, of San Antonio address. After being released from CTMC, she was arrested and placed in the Hays County Jail for driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor. Berry has since been released on $3,000 bond.

The identity of her passenger is not known.

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11 thoughts on “Deputies save woman, arrest her for DWI

  1. This is an unfortunate way to start one’s first semester at college. She is very lucky that it wasn’t much worse.

    It would be great to see the city and the university get together and come up with a plan to try to tackle this issue.

  2. Why does the city or university have to do anything? This person is old enough to know right from wrong. She choose wrong and luckily no one was injured. Now she has to pay for her actions.

  3. Adults shouldn’t have to be told not to drink and drive. That’s why they’re called “adults.”

  4. It is amazing that there is still a bridge like that in Hays County in the year 2009. That bridge is scary to drive over for all people; especially at night.

    Now if this young lady were a local drunk driver she would have been more careful because she would have known that the bridge is one lane with no safety rails. It has a broken up curb, no lighting, and is at the bottom a steep curve on road that has poor signage.

    Just a warning to all those students and other newbies out there: San Marcos is not San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas. When it comes to roads it is still the Wild West out here.

    So if you are cruzing down Craddock, listening to music with your friends on a street that seems like a bulevard in Dallas. All is not as it appears. Because after about a mile the street just dead ends and you will be flying through the a barbed wire fence landing upside down in a cow pasture with a black angus cow looking at you.

  5. Guess what! Driving an automobile, is not the same experience as playing your video games.

    There IS an END to the road (somewhere)!

    I’ve seen several cars, embedded in houses, in the last few years, not to mention other similar demonstrations of driving ineptitude.

    Insane driving, shooting people; it’s all big fun, isn’t it?

    Except that you don’t just get a new car, a new house or a new life in this “for real” world, with a mouse-click.

    What have we done to this new generation, in our infinite wisdom?

  6. Actually, the kid who totaled his car in our front yard did just get a new car with little more effort than a mouse-click.

    Maybe that’s part of the problem.

  7. I wonder if the lady in question will ever appreciate how truly fortunate she is to be alive; or if this incident will just be the start of a carreer in impaired driving that ends only when others’ lives are taken?

  8. Lets give a big “Good Job” to Deputies Stock, and Stacy,as well as firefighters Burkhart, and Young. They did what most people would call a hero’s act of a lifetime. For that effort and dedication they get to go home, and put on a dry uniform. It is their job, and I think they are glad to do it, but better you then me.

  9. I was one of the firefighters there that night. That road had just reopened the week prior so just the fact that anyone was traveling that road other than her was amazing. This night changed my life. I was new to South Hays fire department (all Voulnteer) and the only one at South Hays fire department that night. I had to call San Marcos Fire for help Because i had no idea what i was about to drive up to when i got there. Sure enough im glad I did i couldnt have done it with out the help of the deputys and Firefighter young. This night gave even me a better perspective on life after knowing if that river would have been any higher than what it was that morning Ms. Berry would NOT have made it out of there alive. I had to swim into the car when it was pitcfh black just to find out if she was alive or not. Shortly after is when San marcos Fire showed up and assisted with opening the door and pulling her to safety. So lets not sit on here and complain about the Universitys needing to take action and stuff. People these days dont listen anymore and will still do it. And ANDY B. Thank you for your comments but lets also mention the caller who called 911 for if it wasnt for them we wouldnt have made it there in time. And just so you know incase you didnt hear we were awarded the San Marcos Heroism Award from the city mayor Narviz and we were all Honored and awarded awards by the 100 club of Central Texas. Sense the morning of this occurence i was also a part of another rescue a couple months later just up the river from this bridge at the Cummings Dam. So Needless to say if you ever get the opportunity to Voulnteer for these Departments please try in any way. They can really help others and even your selfs. I am currently fighting for our Country with the United States army Currently Stationed in Katterbach Germany. Still Voulnteering my life for the individuals in our country trying to help in any and everyway possible. Thanks again to everyones comments on this subject. Feel free to write back.

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