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October 19th, 2009
Thunderhill announces Crash Fest results


KYLE — Following are results from Crash Fest, held on Oct. 17 at Thunderhill Raceway.

Enduro Race: 1. “In the Beautiful Floyd El Camino,” driven by Bryon Reed, Kyle, 80 laps; 2. “Oh now you tell me after the race that there are no rules?” driven by Marcia Moore, Cedar Creek, 80 laps; 3. “Who was that who spun me out?” driven by Bradley Burke, Johnson City, 75 laps; 4. “What am I doing out here with these nuts?” driven by Tyler Moran, 74 laps; 5. “Wow, I live in a cool neighborhood,” driven by Mickey McKim, Manchacha, 70 laps; 6. “Our very own lovely track owner/promoter,” driven by Mrs. Mary Ann Naumann, Del Valle, 61 laps; 7. “One of the many Crazy Chrudimsky Cars,” 56 laps; 8. “I’m back and I need a truck sponsor,” driven by Bill Hamilton, Red Oak, 54 laps; 9. “Another Crazy Chrudimsky Car,” 50 laps.

Car-Boat Race: 1. Bryon Reed, Kyle, 10 laps; 2. Mickey McKim, Manchaca- 10 laps.

Demo Derby: 1. Darrin K. Schilling, Zuehl; 2. Todd Colvin, Dripping Springs; 3. Johnny Davis, Manchaca; 4. Becky Cooper, Austin.

Mechanics Race (no experience): 1. Calvin Fitch, Buda, 10 laps; 2. Diana Burke, Johnson City, 10 laps.

Mechanics Race (limited experience): 1. Larry Reeves, San Antonio, 10 laps.

Suitcase Race: 1. Chris Birmingham, Leander, TX.

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